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Probably the Best Support Ticket Helpdesk I have tried..

Our company was looking for a new Support Ticket system. We had previously been using the freeware program called OsTicket. It was very limited, very slow, and was unable to keep up with out growing company.

I went on the hunt for a new support ticket system. I came across Kayako, Cerebrus, and Vision Helpdesk. These three seemed to be the major players.

All three of these company’s offer a free trial so I tried all three.

I tried Cerebrus and even though it did the job, I just hated the User interface. It was too tough for a normal customer service representative to navigate the User interface. I feel like the program interface wasnt well thought out.

Next up Kayako: Kayako is a very nice support ticket system. It was very quick and the interface was easy to use. No issues with the software except for the following few things.I found their support to be horrible! They took forever to respond to my tickets and their live support was not too great.

Second it is very expensive . The software is a few hundred dollars for ONE DOMAIN ONLY.

I decided to continue on to the next piece of software which was Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk has almost the same interface as Kayako and I found it a bit easier to use. I sat down both of my customer service reps and they both ended up liking Vision Helpdesk more. The interface is very intuitive. Private messaging and anti virus is also included, which is a plus.

The software is extremely robust and can be configured to your liking. There is no delay in the system at all.

I ended up choosing Vision Helpdesk for the following reasons:

  1. I liked the interface much more and required really no new training for any customer service re
  2. MULTIPLE DOMAINS!!!! Yes you can run multiple domains for an extremly low cost compared to Kayako. For 1 domain its $200 for the software AND for 5 domain support its $250. Kayako is $300 for just one domain – Too Much!
  3. You get 1 year of updates instead of 6 months like Kayako.
  4. The support was great and answered my questions right away. They are ACTUALLY online when it says online. They offered to help me installing it without me even asking.

PS:  All these helpdesks support live chat as an addon feature if you wanted to offer that. I did test that out since we dont need it for our business but im not sure if they even offer a trial for it.


Vision HelpdeskProbably the Best Support Ticket Helpdesk I have tried..
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