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Stay Ahead of the Game With Satellite Help Desk Software

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Managing customer support for multiple websites, brands, companies, and even products can become confusing and extremely time-consuming.

Traditionally, you would have to purchase helpdesk software for every entity and manage each one separately. This is a drain on both financial and IT resources. This is where satellite help desk software comes into play. Here’s how you can stay ahead of the game with this innovative customer support solution.

What is Satellite Help Desk Software?

Satellite help desk software operates similarly to traditional help desk software, except that is it designed to allow users to manage multiple companies, brands, websites, and products from one centralized location. Only one license needs to be purchased regardless of how many entities you want to manage. Users enjoy a single-staff portal for all brands and products while having the ability to customize a branded customer portal for each product, website, company, etc.

Who is Satellite Help Desk Software Ideal For?

This is the perfect customer support management solution for anyone who is managing multiple companies, products, or websites and needs efficient customer support processes. This is also convenient for those looking to offer end-user support to consumers.

Benefits of Satellite Help Desk Software

Integrating satellite help desk software into your business processes provides a multitude of benefits for both your customer support teams and your consumers.

Ability to Scale Globally

Easily manage companies serving different parts of the world, even if they are all in different time zones. This innovative software allows you to customize each entity’s language, business hours, time zone, and so much more.

Save Time and Money

Easily managing multiple brands and products from one central location saves you both time and money. Your IT department doesn’t have to spend countless hours installing and performing maintenance on multiple help desk solutions. Meanwhile, your staff saves time by only having to access a single portal to handle all customer support needs. This translates into higher productivity and huge savings.

Customize Access

You may not want every single team member to have access to all companies or products. Satellite help desk software allows you to restrict access based on company or even department depending on how your businesses are structured and their needs.

Custom Responses

This versatile software allows for custom responses. Your customer support teams will be able to answer tickets for each company or product with custom, branded emailing. The ability to personalize each response based on the entity versus a generic response will increase customer satisfaction.

Complete Isolation Among Companies

Even though users have the ability to access every brand and product from a single location, there is complete separation among companies. This means that you do not have to worry about confusion as to which product or company you are currently working with. The intuitive design allows you to easily access everything from one location while being able to clearly distinguish which entity you are working with.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Every business wants to cut costs and maximize efficiency while still growing and scaling. Customer satisfaction is the difference between a business that succeeds and one that fails. Satellite Help Desk Software is a customer support solution that allows you to provide the highest quality of customer support services while remaining cost-effective.

Vision Helpdesk offers the leading satellite help desk software solution to fit the needs of all of your entities. Setup and integration of the software into your existing business processes is hassle-free and our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way. Get your free trial today and take your customer support to the next level!

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Megha JadhavStay Ahead of the Game With Satellite Help Desk Software
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