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Stop doing these 6 things in your IT Service Desk

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In today’s world, where your competitors are a just a click away, excellent customer service really matters. In any business enterprise help desk, there is a place that uses IT solutions to get help with the problem. Help desk is a team of experts using common software to track the status of problems and handle them. A help desk agent would agree that you need a couple of help desk solutions that help you improve your help desk effectively.

However, there are a couple of problems help desk is facing these days. These problems can be solved or can be avoided at the early stage by using appropriate support tools. Here we came up with the list of 6 things you should stop doing in your IT help desk –

Building help desk and forgetting

Your IT help desk is about the journey and there should be no end to the implementation. There is always a room for improvement, and every feature in the help desk solution should be reviewed and updated continuously. This will ensure that your service desk never stops and people use it from day one with no persuasion.
You also need to educate your customers about new developments and self-service tools so that they can use them with minimal assistance. If you deploy a feature, you need to market it in the right way.

Running help desk on autopilot

There are many automate tools that are built right into your help desk that readily work for you and make your customers happy. Autopilot tools perform actions on help tickets that match specific criteria set by you. These tools check recent tickets and perform actions such as sending reminders to customers, closing old tickets automatically, assigning tickets to new agents and so on.
However, help desk agents often make the mistake of using autopilot tools frequently. Remember that these tools are meant to use occasionally – like weekends, holidays or other busy schedules. These tools run on an hourly basis and process tickets that have been updated within few weeks. Hence, you should limit the usage of autopilot in your IT service desk.

Don’t bombard customers with emails

There is a fine line between being informative and annoying. When you clutter the customer’s inbox with mails, which include – promotions, newsletters, resolutions and other things with hourly reminders, customers are more likely to get irritated and move the messages to spam. Keep the emails informative and visually pleasing, while trying not to exceed few messages a week.
Avoid cluttering the customer’s inbox with meaningless social posts. Be sure you are sending beneficial mails to your customers. Try creating infographics to create shareable and dynamic content.

Following the ITIL blindly

Remember that the IT help desk you are choosing fit well into your business. There is no common help desk solution that fits all. Moreover, you should not follow the ITIL blindly, as there are many other IT help desk solutions that are doing well. Before jumping into the internet and blindly grabbing an update, you need to know about the exact help desk solution that worm well for your business. As the role of technology increases, the demand for IT help desk resources increases.
If your IT help desk resources are not growing to fulfill the needs of your customers, it will have a negative impact on customer experience.

Complicated website

Your website is the main source of information for your customers, and it should not be confusing. Whenever, customers have queries about your services, they will check your website for relevant information and then contact your help desk agents. Your website should be visually appealing and user-friendly.
If you are adding live chat to your website, you should be sure that it allows your help desk agents to guide visitors with ease. By doing this way, you can give your website a personal touch and utilize your customer service representatives as sales teams.

Lack of patience and poor communication

An IT help desk is a customer service desk just like other jobs. Your customer may not always be right and you should handle your mistakes with a certain degree of patience. Make sure that your IT help desk team understands that is more about listening to the problem, and not just fixing the problem without communicating properly.

It is must for help desk agents to deal with workplace frustrations productively and provide the right solution to the customer.
By stop doing the above 6 things in your IT service desk, you can increase productive and generate great returns. Vision Help Desk offers full service help desk solutions with customized packages and turnkey solutions that can be deployed on a company server or a third party vendor. Our help desk solutions can analyze your existing operations, evaluate automation tools and develop procedures on project management, staffing, training, scripting and many more.

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Megha JadhavStop doing these 6 things in your IT Service Desk
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