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The Comprehensive Customer Support Software You Have Been Searching For

Customer Support Software

All companies are looking for software and applications that not only have exciting features but also have the features that will make their lives easier.

Are you looking for applications and software that take a fundamental approach to current problems? Are you looking for a software that everyone seems to be chattering about? If you are, there are several types of software that you should certainly know about. One of those is Vision Helpdesk, the all-in-one customer service/support solution you have been looking for.

If you have been looking for a sophisticated software that is easy to use, you have reached your destination. Vision Helpdesk has been designed with a variety of features that will allow customer service agents to effectively and efficiently handle the wide range of customer questions and concerns.

The Customer Service Dashboard

The main interface of Vision Helpdesk has been created to be used by customer support agents. The main dashboard is basically the center of the entire interface. The main interface will display a variety of tickets, including the tickets that have been assigned and the tickets that have not been resolved. The dashboard will also display data that relates to other measures including requests and changes.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

One of the best features of Vision Helpdesk is the communication/collaboration function. Within Helpdesk, customer service agents will be able to discuss various topics, collaborate on problems, share helpful information about a client, and share documents, among other things.

Social Media

Vision Helpdesk is able to integrate with a variety of social networks, systems, and applications, including Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and PayPal.

Ticket Tracker

When you use this service, customers will able to raise a ticket through various forms, including email. When a ticket is raised, Vision Helpdesk will instantly make a log of this. Once the ticket has been automatically logged, a new record will be created for the client. After customers raise a ticket, that customer will be sent their own login link that will direct them to the client portal. The customers will find a variety of helpful information, including articles and FAQ’s.


Vision Helpdesk’s messages window has been designed to give you the best opportunity to manage all tickets that are flowing in. All new tickets will be shown in a list, and they will also be given a color based on their current status. All users will be able to add different labels, comments, and tags to each ticket. The ability to add labels, comments, tags, etc. will make it easier to sort the tickets. Information about the clients can also be added to the tickets, and this will become very important when you have tickets that relate to a particular client.

Filtering Tickets

When you are responsible for taking on a heavy volume of customer tickets, we know that sorting through all those tickets can be quite tedious. Thankfully, Vision Helpdesk has a filter that can be used to easily sort through those tickets based on particular criteria. When you want to view current filters, you will be able to do this by adding filters to the Search Option that can be found in the Inbox feature. When you enter particular search criteria, you will also be able to save that search as a filter. Once that particular search has been saved as a filter, you will be able to easily view all ticket records that are under those particular conditions. This will save everyone some time because the same thing will not have to be entered multiple times.

Adding or Removing Clients

You will find a Clients section in Vision Helpdesk that will allow all the customer support agents to track the tickets that have been assigned to a specific client. Under the Clients feature, information about the client can be added and managed.

Vision Helpdesk offers 3 products, and they are listed below:

  • Help Desk Software offers basic help desk features, updates for the software, and free support
  • Service Desk offers the same as the above, in addition to all satellite help desk features and  ITIL/ITSM features.

We know that when you are looking for software and applications for your business, you will do your part in searching for reviews, feedback, user satisfaction ratings, review videos, etc. All of these things are important, especially when you want to obtain a little insight into what you can expect.

However, when you are preparing to make a final decision on what software you should choose, you should base your choice on more than what the reviews and feedback from others give you. Every experience will differ because there will be a variety of expectations, requirements, and particular goals.

One of the most important things you should check for is if the software you are considering will easily integrate with your company’s current software and applications. When you use a help desk software that can integrate with your current applications, you will be able to promote effective and greater productivity.

You will also want to look for a company that holds themselves to the highest standards. When you partner with a team of people who hold themselves to the highest standards, this will let you know that they will provide the best level of support for their customers and clients. Vision Helpdesk has proven this with a 99 percent total satisfaction rating.

A long list of customer questions or concerns can become overwhelming for many businesses, and this can lead to headaches, confusion, and long wait times. You need a comprehensive software that will help your business avoid the pitfalls that plague so many businesses. If you are looking for various features and functions that will allow you to step up your game when it comes to improving customer service, you need to find the software that will give you everything you have been looking for, plus a little extra.

Vision Helpdesk has the all-in-one solution you need to handle high volumes of customer concerns and questions.

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Vision Helpdesk: Simplify Your Life

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Megha JadhavThe Comprehensive Customer Support Software You Have Been Searching For
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