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Vision Helpdesk V2.2.4 Released

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V2.2.4 Release — this includes fixing of some important bugs in V2.2.2  and API support included.

We recommend users to upgrade to V2.2.4

Features added in Vision Helpdesk 2.2.4

  • Vision Helpdesk API’s Released.

Smart Vision V1.1.0 released — Previously Smart Vision supported Vision Helpdesk V1.2  now we have API’s for Vision Helpdesk 2.x thus supporting Smart Vision.

Bug fixes in V2.2.4

  • On upgrading from V2.1.1 to V2.2.2 Title bar still shows V2.0.0 version
  • Iconv related bugs fixed (Some non UTF-8 Characters were not displaying correct in ticket and emails)
  • Auto Save Reply fixed.

Change Log

You can find the list of files that were edited during version change V2.2.2 to V2.2.4,47.0.html

How to Upgrade to V2.2.4?

Vision Helpdesk offers Auto upgrades from Admin Panel   Click on >> Software Information >> Available Updates will shows updates avalaible for upgrade.

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V2.2.4 Released
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