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Vision Helpdesk V2.3.2 Released

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V2.3.2 Stable Release — this includes fixing of some important bugs in V2.2.4 and several new features added.

We recommend users to upgrade to V2.3.2

Features added in Vision Helpdesk 2.3.2

  • SMS Alert Plugin (Clickatell / 2SMS supported )
  • Login Integration Client Exec
  • Login Integartion for Blesta Billing System
  • Paid Support | Ticket Pay Module Integration with  Blesta Billing System
  • Default Language Setting for client portal
  • New Actions Menu on Tickets — includes short cut for ( Delete Ticket, Ban User, Report Spam, Ban and Delete User, Export Ticket as PDF, Print Ticket, Merge Tickets, Add note, Add billing note, Set due time, Properties edit )
  • Improved Staff Group Settings Staff access can be restricted to various functions and levels.

Bug fixes in V2.3.2

  • Query optimization for quick view recent activity.
  • On client portal clients ticket post were not sorted correctly.
  • Closed or tickets in other than open status sorted by last activity. (This makes easy to locate what ticket was replied latest.)
  • Vision Auto updates extra field added i.e destination folder (this is used to track what folder vision is installed and which files need to be updated.)
  • WHMCS Integration >> Enable Custom fields were not working – this is fixed now.
  • If registration required was set for mail queue it failed to send email user  saying that your are not registered, this is fixed now.
  • Staff Group used to remain default even after its changed.
  • WHMCS support module integration display issues fixed.
  • Cerberus Migration had some bugs this is fixed now.
  • WHMCS migration had some bugs this is fixed now.

Minor Changes

  • Login Integartion named as Integartion in Admin >> Settings
  • Queue Overrides changed to Queue titles

Change Log

You can find the list of files that were edited during version change V2.2.4 to V2.3.2,64.0.html

How to Upgrade to V2.3.2?

Vision Helpdesk offers Auto upgrades from Admin Panel   Click on >> Software Information >> Available Updates will shows updates available for upgrade.

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V2.3.2 Released
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