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Vision Helpdesk V2.4.6 Stable Released

You may have noticed that we went much longer than usual to release this V2.4.6 bug fix update. We don’t regret of this fact because what matters is superior bug free version and we are thankful to everyone who have contributed to our bug list.

There is one more reason for delay — you may have noticed our new header on our website and our major change in pricing

Bug fixes in V2.4.6

  • WYSIWYG Editor included in New Ticket, Reply Ticket, Signature, Email Templates, News Articles,  Knowledge base.
  • Client portal design modified.
  • Captcha Image mismatch for some server configurations.
  • Ticket details in staff alert — Now the alert email includes additional details like Ticket id, Subject, Department, Priority, Status and Client name, Language and recipients.
  • On staff deletion – their private messages sent to other staff could not be displayed.
  • Username was not displayed in user registration email.
  • Submit ticket on client portal use to add slashes.
  • Edit reply button multi click use to open new edit windows creating issue for ticket post update.
  • Mass action menu added for Search / Filters / label results listing page.
  • Error while adding bugs in Vision Admin section.
  • LTOR (Left To Right) field in Language added.
  • Staff shows logged in even after they have logged out.
  • Forget password email does not work for Staff.
  • When disable the knowledge base at the client portal it still remains in the ticket creation section. When a client create a ticket the knowledge base suggestion box still remains.
  • When a user mails for the first time the reply mail does not contain the display name of the email queue.
  • Html formating supported for Auto responder and other email templates.
  • No none option for labels in mass ticket options.
  • Firefox 3.5.x hover over mail envelop not working.
  • Label allows to add space.
  • Multiple Labels for a ticket not allowed.
  • Remove labels in reply ticket not allowed.
  • Remove labels in mass action not allowed.
  • Display labels in ticket subject not allowed.
  • Scrap clear setting not available.
  • Due time cannot be entered in hrs.
  • Improved Ajax system for faster ticket operations.
  • Radio button and checkbox not working on clicking text
  • Admin >> Diagnostics >> Active sessions didn’t show Admin/Staff names.
  • Parser log not displayed page wise.
  • Parser log does not display emails those failed while parsing.
  • When SMTP set for sending emails the from name is messed for emails in outlook or outlook express.

Change Log

You can find the list of files that were edited during version change V2.4.1 to V2.4.6 (This also includes fast backed intermediate releases V2.4.2 , V2.4.4 and V2.4.5),124.0.html

How to Upgrade to V2.4.6?

Vision Helpdesk offers Auto upgrades from Admin Panel   Click on >> Software Information >> Available Updates will shows updates available for upgrade.

Note : While upgrading it will ask you ftp path –by default it takes complete path to your manage folder which needs to be changed to — ftp path.

Example : A client having path — /home/username/public_html/support/manage

This path should be changed to — /public_html/support/manage

(In above example we assume ftp access is given from public_html folder and its sub folders.)

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V2.4.6 Stable Released
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