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Vision Helpdesk V2.4.8 Stable Released

Two days back we released Vision Helpdesk V2.4.6 — you know how software development is 🙂 Nothing is final.  Yes we left out some minor bugs in 2.4.6 which are now fixed in V2.4.8  The important was — the new WYSIWYG editor support for Google Chrome.

Change Log

You can find the list of files that were edited during version change V2.4.1 to V2.4.6 (This also includes fast backed intermediate releases V2.4.2 , V2.4.4 and V2.4.5),125.0.html

How to Upgrade to V2.4.8?

Vision Helpdesk offers Auto upgrades from Admin Panel   Click on >> Software Information >> Available Updates will shows updates available for upgrade.

Note : While upgrading it will ask you ftp path –by default it takes complete path to your manage folder which needs to be changed to — ftp path.

Example : A client having path — /home/username/public_html/support/manage

This path should be changed to — /public_html/support/manage

(In above example we assume ftp access is given from public_html folder and its sub folders.)

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V2.4.8 Stable Released
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