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Vision Helpdesk 4 months Review!

It’s now like 4 months now we are using Vision Helpdesk for managing our 3 companies at one place. It’s time for me to share our experience with Vision Helpdesk and the support that we have received.

For past few years we were using Kayako Helpdesk, We have had no issues with day to day operations with Kayako ticketing system but our business needs have changed recently and Kayako does not look promising with our new needs. Our major concern was scalability, We are growing and want to have our staff to login to one single help desk which can manage support for multiple companies at one place, Fortunately we found Vision Helpdesk and its Satellite Help desk feature which is exactly what we have been looking for.

Here is how we would like to chalk out our review –

Pricing : Vision Helpdesk is economical infact some times I personally feel they are offering vision license at low cost compared to other competitive help desk in market.

Installation and Upgrades : Installation takes few clicks just run setup from browser and with few clicks you are done. Similarly Vision Helpdesk upgrades comes from their admin menu — just enter ftp login details and your system gets auto upgraded.

Usability : The system is powerful yet easy to use I don’t think I ever read vision helpdesk manual.

Design and User Interface : The Manage Portal is designed nicely with Ajax and JavaScript boosting overall operation speed but they have more scope to improve client portal.

Features : Vision Helpdesk feature list is long and we are impressed with their monthly updates which includes bug fixes and new features – In past 4 months we witnessed list of new versions and every new version was packed with new features and parallel correcting bugs in previous version.

Unique Features:

  • Satellite Help desk is big plus helps you manage support for multiple companies from one installation, It gives listing for different companies and their departments on Left Panel, One thing that impress us is Staff Access Control – You can assign Staff to particular Domain or Department and also restricts staff operation wise. Logical separation between different company clients is huge plus.
  • Ticket Billing is another nice feature allows to bill per ticket.
  • WYSIWYG Editor included for New Ticket, Reply Ticket, Signature, News Articles, Knowledgebase and Email Templates.
  • Plug-in System
  • Toolbar is unique.
  • The Ajax or no Page load – Faster operation over traditional php help desk software’s, I would not call it as feature but yes it does save lot much time with page loads and saves bandwidth too.
  • WHMCS billing integration is again great.

Scalability : Perfect! supports single to multiple companies management and without any hassle.

Support and Services : They have nothing but excellent support, They have added us on Goggle Talk and I can chat with their support techs on IM all most all issues fixed immediately no long waiting.

They offer 30 days free evaluation version which is plus.

Cons : For now they dont offer Live Chat System

Vision Helpdesk Score — 9/10 (One point I would reserve for Live Chat which they claim to be coming soon – we are happy with livezilla for now but would definitely love to have something integrated with vision helpdesk)

Our Installation :

Thank You,
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Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk 4 months Review!
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