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Vision Helpdesk V2.5.1 Beta Released

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V2.5.1 Beta Release — this includes fixing of some important bugs in V2.4.12 and several new features added.

Though its a Beta release – the only major feature added in Time Zone – so users can still upgrade to V2.5.1 beta as this will not cause any issues with your existing working — its recommended to upgrade as it will fix below listed bugs in your installation.

Features added in V2.5.1

  • TimeZone — Now you can set TimeZone for each Company and Staff.
  • View all ticket are other than close status.
  • Display number of tickets on all status except close.
  • Perldesk Migration

Bug fixes in V2.5.1

  • Large Attachments Supported
  • Software Info graph
  • Login Integration Update
  • WHMCS users created multiple times
  • WHMCS view tickets domain wise
  • Blank Tickets through Google Chrome
  • Search option for Assigned User gives execution error
  • Assigned User / New Tickets on Quick View ToDo List count differs
  • Tickets not creating for To: Field having comma separated emails , Also CC, BCC.
  • Client Report shows multiple entries for same email
  • WHMCS Integration CSS problem
  • Left panel listing messed on new department/domain
  • Email Templates html not working
  • Alert for HTML contents
  • Preferences (General) domain change issue
  • Pop3 and IMAP — mail queue not found issue

Change Log

You can find the list of files that were edited during version change V2.4.12 to V2.5.1.,202.0.html

How to Upgrade to V2.5.1?

Vision Helpdesk offers Auto upgrades from Admin Panel   Click on >> Software Information >> Available Updates will shows updates available for upgrade.

Note : While upgrading it will ask you ftp path –by default it takes complete path to your manage folder which needs to be changed to — ftp path.

Example : A client having path — /home/username/public_html/support/manage/

This path should be changed to — /public_html/support/manage/

(In above example we assume ftp access is given from public_html folder and its sub folders.)

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V2.5.1 Beta Released
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