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Vision Helpdesk V3.4.2 Stable Version Released

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V3.4.2 Stable Version. This version includes bug fixes from V3.4.1
The new setup is available for download at our client portal —

I have installed V3.0.x How to Upgrade to V3.4.2?

Step1) Login to client portal —

Step2) From Services >> My Services — You can download new setup for Vision Helpdesk V3.4.2

Step3) You can take backup of your existing V3.0.x files and database on your server.

Step4) Upload all files from new setup V3.4.2 to your server.

Step5) Copy config.php file from your old backup setup to new files that you have uploaded now.

Step6) If you had any customization done in previous version you can copy those files to new files.

Step7) Now we have some changes in database — you can update it by running below listed file in browser

In browser open folder –

This will show you list of upgrade files from version to version

Based on what version are you running — You can run the upgrade files

Note : After you run upgrade files – Remove upgrade folder from your installation.

That’s it you are done…

Bug Fixes from (V3.4.1 to V3.4.2)

  • Report >> Ticket module :criteria : Owner : equals : unassigned >> not working. (showing 0 result)
  • Inbox>>Ticket >>Invoice >>after status change(unpaid to paid ) invoice tab should auto refresh.
  • Inbox>>Ticket>> audit log >> client name not showing when ticket properties(status, priority, type) change by client. [audit log shows : Client ()]
  • Inbox>>Ticket>> audit log >> client name not showing when new ticket created from client portal.[audit log shows : Client ()]
  • Client portal >> profile >> manage contact >> contacts not listed , showing blank page.
  • Client portal URL without login >>client can access selfhelp article attachments.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Manage contacts >> all client listed and can edit.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Add sub contact >> add contact form display and contact added into manage > clients list.
  • Client portal URL without login >> View ticket >> send feed back >> ticket reply displaying.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Invoice>> all invoice listed.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Invoice >> get pdf : client can access invoice pdf without login.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Invoice >> edit invoice : client can view invoice without login.
  • Client portal URL without login >> Ticket >> attachment : client can download attachment without login.
  • “Selfhelp >> add categories >>Post article : Staff only.
    Client portal : Client can access add article form by using url and article added successfully.”
  • Manage portal>>Selfhelp>>Add category : Order by : (Modified first) : not working.
  • Manage portal and client portal >> Selfhelp >> comment posted by staff > profile image not display.
  • Manage portal>>Selfhelp>>Add category : Post article : (Logged in Client ,Staff only) : ? [client portal have no option for posting article.]
  • Manage portal : selfhelp >> categories >> On edit article form : comments >> client and staff profile image not display.
  • Client portal >> Selfhelp >> add article >> client profile image not display in article posted by client.
  • Admin setting >> staff >> add staff >> department access not working. (Dept access saved as all department instead of selected.)
  • Staff >> edit staff >> Change staff group >> click on update >> message display but staffgroup reset.
  • Billing module >> Invoice list >> select an invoice from list, its open in new tab , select another invoice ,its open in second tab , here 2nd invoice description shows blank. And second invoice description showing in 1st tab invoice.
  • Mobile app >> Open new ticket >> signature not working.
  • Mobile app>> Staff reply >> signature not working.
  • In the Department Dropdown list when doing a ticket reply, the list does not contain the name which domain it is for
  • Advanced search>> criteria:owner:equal:unassigned, Result-all tickets are searched
  • Advanced search>> criteria:owner:Staff’s name, Result-all tickets are searched
  • Add view form for field available and field selected , fields not displaying views fileds order not saved when reloading
  • Attachments downloadable for everyone!
  • Password fields should not be visible!
  • Any ticket should not access through the client front end.
  • A user should not be able to submit a vote more than once. Only registered clients should be allowed to vote.
  • Default staff access
  • Default language support added
  • Login with main contact and try to reply sub contact ticket message display “”Access denied””. “
  • For addon client, client disapprove from manage portal ,but mail received on client ‘s email id from main domain. “admin setting>>client module>>Auto approve registration set as-no,client disapprove but mail received on client email id from another domain, After approved client client registration mail received on client email id from another domain”
  • Custom filed with a password should view on a ticket detail, the field is still hidden.

Features added in V3.4.2

  • Client  portal >>Selfhelp >> Add article

Change Log










MySQL Changes (This changes are available in upgrade files in upgrade folder)

  1. alter table `avis_selfhelp_article` add column `author_type` tinyint (1) DEFAULT 0 NULL after `author_id`
  2. alter table `avis_selfhelp_article` add column `modified_date` int (15) NULL after `entry_date`
  3. alter table `avis_mailqueue` change `registered_client` `registered_client` tinyint (1) DEFAULT 0 NULL
  4. alter table `avis_staff` change `department_access` `department_access` varchar (255) DEFAULT 0 NULL
Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V3.4.2 Stable Version Released
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