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Vision Helpdesk V3.4.1 Version Released

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V3.4.1 Version. This version includes bug fixes from V3.3.2 and New Features.

The new setup is available for download at our client portal —

I have installed V3.0.x How to Upgrade to V3.4.1?

Step1) Login to client portal —

Step2) From Services >> My Services — You can download new setup for Vision Helpdesk V3.4.1

Step3) You can take backup of your existing V3.0.x files and database on your server.

Step4) Upload all files from new setup V3.4.1 to your server.

Step5) Copy config.php file from your old backup setup to new files that you have uploaded now.

Step6) If you had any customization done in previous version you can copy those files to new files.

Step7) Now we have some changes in database — you can update it by running below listed file in browser

In browser open folder –

This will show you list of upgrade files from version to version

Based on what version are you running — You can run the upgrade files

Note : After you run upgrade files – Remove upgrade folder from your installation.

That’s it you are done…

Features added in V3.4.1

  • Default Reports – We have added some default reports like Work Report, SLA Report, Performance Report, Billing Report, Client Report, Response Time Report.
  • SMS Alert Integration for Staff

Bug Fixes from (V3.3.2 to V3.4.1)

  • Report : Select client module >> result >> link not available for client.
  • Report : Criteria : Last activity : time setting missing.
  • Report : Criteria : Creation date : time setting missing.
  • Report : Criteria : Due time : time setting missing.
  • Report : Criteria : Ticket note : not working : result 0
  • Report : Criteria : Owner : equal / not equal : here un-assigned option not listed.
  • Report : Criteria : on edit form >> does not contain reset to contain.(same bug for all criteria)
  • Report : Module – Ticket >> Field : Domain > In report result domain entries not listed.
  • Report : Module – Ticket >>, Field : client company > In report result , entries display but header not display.
  • Report : Module – Ticket >> In report result , draft ticket also listed. it should not be.
  • Report : Module – Ticket >>field : duetime >> (undue tickets),In report result due time shows overdue instead of undue. ( click on it >> due time shows undue , also in inbox its shows undue.)
  • Report : Module – Ticket >> field : duetime >> (undue tickets),In report result due time shows overdue instead of undue. ( click on it >> due time shows undue , also in inbox its shows undue.)
  • Report : Sort by : Department >> Ticket count display but entries not listed. (tickets not listed.)
  • Report :Sort by : Flag >> Ticket count display but entries not listed. (tickets not listed.)
  • Login with staff (only 2 depts access) >>Report >>Ticket module >> report result : all departments ticket listed in report result instead of accessible .
  • Report >> Ticket module / Client module >>In billing : group balance field not required.
  • Report : Add Report : Criteria : create report for criteria contain special characters (“” : double quote) >>its working, Report created.>> Click on Edit >> tab name : loading…and criteria : removed.
  • Left Panel View sort update
  • When we create or reply a ticket from Outlook, this will appear in the alert email.
  • Left panel arrangement is not working

Change Log

Manage Template


Modules Template


Classes Template


MySQL Changes (This changes are available in upgrade files in upgrade folder)

  1. alter table `avis_alert` add column `sms_enabled` tinyint (1) DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL after `vscope`


Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V3.4.1 Version Released
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  • hamad - January 2, 2013 reply

    SMS is only for staff ? or even for costumers ?

    Vision Helpdesk - January 2, 2013 reply

    Its only for Staff.

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