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Vision Helpdesk V3 Screenshot Teaser Part1 – This is just a beginning..

Now that you read the post title as Part1 — You probably know that we are going to post more updates and teasers for V3.

I can’t hold it anymore – let the screenshots do the talking..

“v3 is our passion and the

screenshot should speak for itself “

Vision Helpdesk V3 Login Screen

V3 Login Screen


Vision Helpdesk V3 Manage Portal Screenshot Teaser

V3 Manage Portal


Vision Helpdesk V3 Client Portal Teaser

V3 Client Portal

Architecture and Designing User Interface were our top priorities from day one of V3 development — This time we wanted to bring a change in traditional design and architecture, A change just like Gmail brought to traditional email client like outlook. After I started using Gmail trust me I haven’t opened outlook for even single day and I know its not just me. 🙂 You bet! you will see the same kind of transition in V3.

Vision Helpdesk V3 Teaser Video

I hope the screenshot will get you excited — If you like it send some love by commenting this post.

In our next post we will bring you more screen-shots and insights on V3..

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V3 Screenshot Teaser Part1 – This is just a beginning..
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  • Gavin - June 30, 2011 reply

    Any idea of launch date yet?

    Vision Helpdesk - June 30, 2011 reply

    We anticipate Vision Helpdesk V3 beta to be released in coming September month.

  • Eric - June 30, 2011 reply

    What upgrade possibilities are offered to existing customers?

  • Chris - June 30, 2011 reply

    If you want to really make people happy, make version 3
    Integrate with InfusionSoft, Office Autopilot, etc.

    These CRMs are amazing, but lack a support option that shares data
    with these types of marketing automation tools.

    InfusionSoft integration would open you up to thousands of potential new users.

    Just my two cents.

  • Paul - June 30, 2011 reply

    Looks great guys, I’m hoping the architecture changes include more access to customise the customer portal etc.. and to integrate customer login to existing sites.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 30, 2011 reply

    @Eric — Existing customers gets free upgrade to V3 provided they have their support and upgrades package active.

    Current Support and Upgrades package is $49.99 for 1 year.

    In case if existing customers have not renewed their support and upgrades package they should get it renewed soon as that will give a free upgrade to V3.

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 30, 2011 reply

    @Chris – Thank you for your suggestion — We have taken a note of it and yes this time we are going to add support for more and more CRM applications.

    Also this time with Login sharing we are trying to add something more than login sharing. eg, if a user is logged into a CRM and clicks Support Menu they will be auto logged into Vision Helpdesk client portal – without having to relogin to client portal.

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 30, 2011 reply

    @Paul — This time client portal is complete theme based and simple to customize, also you will have option to skin manage portal.


  • Jeremy Otten - July 1, 2011 reply

    nice teaser of Vision…
    changing to Green color huh…

  • Jeremy Otten - July 1, 2011 reply

    Also look to integrate with GFI Max Remote Managent Software.

    Autotask for example already integrates with it and this will also give you more users!!

  • Paul - July 2, 2011 reply

    I think you should add a, job list or to do list, were we can manage tasks and assign tasks to staff members…

    Vision Helpdesk - July 5, 2011 reply

    @Paul — Yes with V3 we have a Pinup option which will allow you to pinup Tickets, Important Clients, Knowledgebase articles etc at desktop which will serve as a Task Manager too.

    We will provide more information about this feature in coming updates..

  • Jeremy Otten - July 4, 2011 reply

    How about the live chate and user tracking feature. Will that be in?

    Vision Helpdesk - July 5, 2011 reply

    @Jeremy — Live Chat Feature will not be released with V3 – but soon after V3’s release we are be working on chat – the reason we delayed chat in V2 cause our Chat software idea was not suitable on V2 — V3 is a ideal architecture for our chat software.

    Once we have stable V3 — Chat software will follow.

  • Phillip Strauss - July 11, 2011 reply

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    I do go once a week to Vision’s site to check for updates and am looking forward the Release 3.

    I also hope/trust that “Ticket Logging” with “Date+Sequential numbering” will be a New Feature. It just makes life much easier to Verbal Support

    Vision Helpdesk - July 11, 2011 reply

    @Phillip – Yes we have included — “Ticket Logging” with “Date+Sequential numbering” feature in V3.

  • Paul Trappitt - July 11, 2011 reply

    V3 looks great! We did have a plan to use v2 in a new opportunity we were working on a year or so ago. Unfortunately due to the economic conditions at the time it fell by the way side. We are still very keen to pick up where we left of, V3 is already inspiring me with confidence we were on the track before and this will only improve our offering, certainly with the ITIL alignment. I still have some ground work to do, when are you looking to make this available and can you give me any idea on pricing at this stage?

    I would be very interested to hear more about the ITIL alignment if you are able to reveal any more information at this stage?

  • Daniel - July 11, 2011 reply

    Any idea when this version comes out, if there is support for Android, if it has API’s and if it can be integrated in custom systems?

  • Grant - July 14, 2011 reply

    +1 for Android, this would be awesome. Android is already more popular than iPhone so deserves support.

    Vision Helpdesk - July 15, 2011 reply

    @Grant and @Daniel – The mobile edition is web-based too so you can use it on any mobile device. And in next round we will also release Apps for Iphone and Android.

  • Timor - July 17, 2011 reply

    Have a open source / community version so that we can help contribute to make it better!

  • Paul - July 18, 2011 reply

    Hope you release it soon, I want to reskin the back end but I am waiting for v3 lol

  • Jeremy Otten - August 11, 2011 reply

    Hostingcon is over. Please give update and Teaser part 2.

  • dan - August 18, 2011 reply

    Hey, I hardly wait to see it.
    The presure is bigger and bigger.

  • Paul - September 3, 2011 reply

    So were is v3…………………

  • Nithin - September 5, 2011 reply

    Hi, We are waiting for V3 ……

    When is it available……. Please update to see V3 demo

  • dan - September 7, 2011 reply

    I check the website every day. As no more info about V3 has been posted here probably it will not be released very soon.
    Too bad to announce it in June and release it after 3 months already.

  • Kathy - September 8, 2011 reply

    I agree….where is V3? When can we upgrade?

  • WaterTrooper - September 10, 2011 reply


    Once V3 is finished will there be any work on a moble app for iPhone or Android?

  • Ahmad - September 13, 2011 reply

    Any news on the release date?

  • Murry - September 13, 2011 reply

    Update on V3 release?

  • Vision Helpdesk - September 17, 2011 reply

    Thank you for your interest – click below link to read second update on V3

  • jamal - April 8, 2012 reply

    Is it possible to have a multi-company installation without installing files on our client’s servers (all files on our own shared hosted server)?

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