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Vision Helpdesk V4 goes live..

We have been holding this for long and now the time has come we are ready to get it off our chest — Vision Helpdesk V4 is live now.. 

V4 launch is a significant step forward in making Vision Helpdesk the most powerful and useful help desk software tool available. V4 version will offer three different products each available as SaaS and Download license –

1) Help Desk Software
2) Satellite Desk (Multi Company / Brand Help Desk)
3) Service Desk (ITIL / ITSM Ready)

Help Desk Software


V4 offers wide array of features some of them are listed below —

  • Email parsing and ticket management
  • Ticket billing
  • Task management
  • Blabby – collaboration tool
  • Automation, Workflow, SLA and Escalation
  • Knowledge-base management
  • Gamification
  • Time tracking
  • Multi-language support
  • Customer survey and feedback
  • Responsive customer portal
  • Help desk security features
  • Help desk reporting
  • Mobile apps and 3rd party integration (Social media, Chat, VOIP and more..)

Satellite Desk (Multi Company / Brand Help Desk)

Satellite desk includes all features from help desk product and additionally allows customers to manage support for multiple brands or companies at central help desk.Each brand or company can have its own branded customer portal thus keeping complete isolation among different companies.




Service Desk (ITIL / ITSM Ready)

Service desk includes help desk and satellite desk features and additionally it offers complete array of ITIL/ ITSM modules – Asset Management (CMDB), Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Contract, Product Catalog, Service Catalog, Vendor Management, Financial Management and much more.


Please visit below link to check in depth list of all features offered under Help Desk, Satellite Desk and Service Desk

Now that V4 is available, we will try to answer some important questions that were raised while V4 teaser preview..

Will there be any data loss while upgrading from V3 to V4?

No, V3 to V4 upgrade will be smooth without any data loss. You can email us for upgrade after 15th May 2015. We will be happy to help you with upgrade process.

Will SaaS customers be auto upgraded to V4?

No, We will not upgrade existing SaaS V3 to V4 unless you ask us to do so. You can try V4 trial for 30 days and decide if you wish to upgrade or continue using same V3 license.

Is there any change in pricing model? 

Yes, please click here to see all our new plans, we have tried to keep it as simple as possible.  Our pricing is most competitive and reasonable. If you are running single staff show or an enterprise level business Vision Helpdesk has a plan for every size business.

Will the new pricing apply for existing customers too?

No, New pricing will apply only for new purchase orders.

V3 SaaS License Owners – Existing V3 SaaS license owners will be upgraded to V4 for free and the will pay the same price they are paying now.

V3 Download License Owners – Existing V3 Download license owners will get free upgrade to V4, They should have their support and software updates package active.

V3 version offered four plans (Lite, Professional, Premium and Ultimate) Below is how V3 customers plans will be upgraded to equivalent V4 plan.

V3 Lite SaaS License                –>     V4 Help Desk SaaS License (25 staff agents)
V3 Professional SaaS License  –>     V4 Satellite Desk SaaS License (50 staff agents & unlimited domains)
V3 Premium SaaS License       –>      V4 Satellite Desk SaaS License (100 staff agents & unlimited domains)
V3 Ultimate SaaS License        –>      V4 Satellite Desk SaaS License (150 staff agents & unlimited domains)

V3 Lite Download License                –>     V4 Help Desk Download License (25 staff agents)
V3 Professional Download License  –>     V4 Satellite Desk Download License (50 staff agents & unlimited domains)
V3 Premium Download License       –>      V4 Satellite Desk Download License (100 staff agents & unlimited domains)
V3 Ultimate Download License        –>      V4 Satellite Desk Download License (150 staff agents & unlimited domains)

Can existing V3 customers continue using V3 license?

Yes, if you wish to continue using V3 license you can still use it. We will continue providing support to V3 customers but no new features will be added in V3 version. We recommend upgrading to V4 platform as it inherits all features from V3.

We have customized V3 version will our customization be carried to V4 if we decide to upgrade?

V3 customization done will not be carried to V4, as V4 is build from ground and uses fresh code for almost all functionality its not possible to bring your customization to V4 at least this applies for heavily customized V3 licenses. If customization done was minor then please feel free to consult with our developers team and get their word on your possible options.

We are happy to announce 30% discount with Vision Helpdesk V4 Launch – Purchase now or regret later!

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Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V4 goes live..
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