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Vision Helpdesk V4 Stable Release Scheduled in April 2015..



Thank you for taking out time to check Vision Helpdesk V4 teaser and showing your love through comments and emails.

We are overwhelmed with the positive responses that we have received. We know everyone is waiting for more updates on V4. We are sorry for not able post more updates on V4 like we promised in our last post. Trust me we are equally eager and working with our full capacity to bring V4 in production.

We will try to answer some of common questions asked in previous post..

What is Vision Helpdesk V4 version all about?

Our previous major release V3 had a major change in architecture and was built on a robust foundation and software development principles. For V3 we developed our own framework instead of using ready to use PHP frameworks in order to make it more stable, hack proof and flexible for future expansion. After V3 release, we realized we still have huge scope in “Design and UI experience” area and of course several new features that we already had in our internal development road map – and that is how we started working on V4 .

V4 inherits the same robust developer friendly 90% open source code framework and it now combines with Bootstrap – the best design framework available to bring you the ultimate UI experience that will not only engage you but will also make you more productive.

V4 is solution for every size business – We will be releasing 3 different products listed below 

1) Help Desk Software
2) Satellite Help Desk (Multi Company Help Desk)
3) Service Desk (ITIL / ITSM Ready)

V4 version is well thought in all aspects, we revisited every feature from previous version and wrote a fresh code to improve existing help desk functionality and added several new features.

Vision Helpdesk users are already aware of Help desk and Multi company help desk features, Service Desk is something that we started working since we released V3 and we are glad we are able to include it as a part of V4 release. Service desk will offer complete array of ITIL/ ITSM modules – Asset Management (CMDB), Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Contract, Product Catalog, Service Catalog, Vendor Management, Financial Management and much more..

With all that said, V4 is just another remarkable milestone. Our internal feature list is quite long and we will continue adding it through further releases.

Again, we know you want to know more about detail features for each of the above listed products – but here is something I want to tell you, we are into final phases of V4 testing and bug fixing  – We will be releasing above all products in April 2015.  Below is V4 release tentative road map and we plan our execution accordingly..

V4 Release Road Map

First half of April 2015

  • New website launch
  • Releasing Stable V4 ( Help Desk, Satellite Desk and Service Desk )
  • V4 30 days free trial will be available for SaaS  and Download License
  • V4 will be available for one click installation in Softaculous
  • Mobile Apps for Windows and Android (iPhone App release date not yet fixed will be announced soon after V4 release)

Second half of  April 2015

  • Language packs for V4
  • 3rd party software integration documentation

Second half of May 2015

  • Detailed Software Documentation
  • API Documentation
  • Existing V3 customers can send us email request for V4 upgrade only after 15th May 2015.

Please add comments below if you have more questions on V4…

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V4 Stable Release Scheduled in April 2015..
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