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4 Ways CRM Facilitates Customer Service

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Some businesses seem to be stuck in the past when it comes to their business model. They believe in doing everything the old fashion way. They say it connects them in more personal ways with their customers.

They communicate by telephone alone and only send out advertising flyers to their customer base. They do not care about using digital means to reach out to their customers. And when it comes to customer support, they are definitely behind the times. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the businesses who are on the cutting edge of technology. They have thrown the paper trail to the wind. They hardly deal in print anything. The entire office is digitized. They’ve optimized their entire marketing strategy online to drive more sales and their customer support is automated and streamlined. What are the results of taking advantage of the electronic methods available to offices? Those who do will clearly outpace their outdated friends. That doesn’t mean you need to toss out all your paperwork, yet you can greatly reduce it. You will discover with a powerful customer service software platform such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers, you will be plummeting ahead of your competitors in the marketplace. How do digital efforts connect with and “wow” customers?

4 Ways CRM Facilitates Customer Service 

Provides a Greater Reach

You probably already know intuitively that more people are using digital technology. All you have to do is look around you when you’re out at the store, the restaurant, the gas station, and other businesses to understand the technological craze. Seeing people on their mobile phones, laptops, and iPads is familiar and commonplace. But do you know just how prevalent digital technology is? According to the most recent Pew research statistics, “nearly nine-in-ten Americans today are online.” That is an amazing number of people. That means that customers will be contacting businesses through online means. They will connect for their customer support needs through portals or online chat platforms. Businesses who take advantage of the electronic benefits of CRM will be able to accommodate customers in a seamless manner and therefore keep customers content. As a result, these businesses will have a much greater reach.

Gives Customers More Options

People like to have options when it comes to doing business. No matter what people do, they want a choice. If a business only allows one or two methods for connecting or communication, then customers may easily be put off. Whether it’s to find out information about their company, see their latest specials, or get a hold of someone in customer service, people are attracted to companies that allow for more options. It’s also helpful when a company allows customers to switch easily between one platform and another without losing information or quality. For example, if a person begins searching for customer support information on their computer but then later is on their mobile phone, they want the ability to begin using the mobile phone. They do not want to wait until they return home or start all over again. Or if they started a ticket at home, they want to check the status later on a different device, it should be an easy process. CRM allow continuity between the different platforms so that customers have a seamless experience without hassles or inconvenience. Any system that allows for more choices will be welcome to the customer. That way wherever the customer is or whatever he/she is doing, the company can easily connect.

Allows for an automated response

Automation works in a number of ways to not only benefit the company but it also helps support customer service efforts. Automation helps save employees with many manual steps. From entering ticket information to distributing customer requests to the appropriate department, CRM software delivers a boost office efficiency. It can also save the day when someone drops the ball on a customer support ticket. For example, a regular, ongoing client may require a different level of support than someone contacting the business for the first time. With automated rules in place, businesses can ensure that the VIP client does not slip through the cracks because if that happens it’s a sure way to lose a customer. The rules are set up in advance and can be customized to include appropriate actions such as:

  • Send a written response within 1 day
  • Email customer ticket to the manager if no one responds within 1 day (escalation)
  • Call customer within 2 days

Any of these “rules” can be modified to satisfy the demands of the customer.

Increases Your Bottom Line

The main goal of any business is to increase the bottom line. Obviously, the main way that companies do this is by selling their product or service for profit. However, when a company’s expenses are reduced for any reason, then that boosts the bottom line too. CRM software enhances office productivity making employees work easier and less time-consuming. Through automation, ticket prioritizing software, knowledgebase data, and other CRM supports, office procedures are completed faster, thus saving the business much time. When time is saved, money is saved also. The business increases its bottom line through the time-saving measures of CRM software such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers.

Enhanced customer support is just one aspect of CRM software’s appeal. There is a multitude of other benefits to bringing CRM on board. From happier employees to more relaxed managers, the business operates smoothly while customers that keep coming back for more great service.

If you are ready to ramp up your office efficiency, encourage employees, and see greater results, then it’s time to add CRM software to your plate of digital tools. Making sure you have all areas covered are important in today’s competitive world. At Vision Helpdesk, we are committed to helping businesses expand their reach through digital CRM software. Our solutions help businesses realize their potential in the most effortless way. To find out more information about our services, connect with us today.

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Megha Jadhav4 Ways CRM Facilitates Customer Service
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