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Vision Helpdesk Review by Shootout For Soldiers

“Vision Helpdesk is User-Friendly and Versatile Help Desk Software”

We are using Vision Helpdesk primarily to allow our users a one-stop-shop to look up information quickly without waiting for our team to respond to them. It has also enabled us to move away from the shared mailbox realme and into the much-needed ticket system to track all emails correctly.

Shootout for Soldiers

Shootout for Soldiers is a 24-hour lacrosse game benefiting wounded American military members. The event is fun. It’s not a tournament, nor is it about recruiting. The event is all about supporting those who serve our country. We engage the civilian and military communities at the event to foster empathy and understanding. We also foster online discussion and conversation to bridge the gap between a younger millennial generation and our Veterans.

Vision Helpdesk: Simplify Your Life

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Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk Review by Shootout For Soldiers
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