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5 Reasons Ticket Management Software is Better Than Email Communication

Ticket Management Software vs Email

Ticket Management Software vs Email Communication: Email is one of the instant forms of business communication. There was a time when emails were enough to provide online customer support. Companies just need to set up email accounts for communication and support requests.

But, the problem starts when your customer base starts to grow and your organization is expanding.

As the company grows, the number of customer service requests increases, making your inbox troublesome to tackle. Large volumes of emails can lead to crowded and cluttered inboxes, making the end-user requests more difficult for the customer support team.

These problems can create major problems and leave the customer concerns to slip through the cracks, which will eventually erode the trust between customers and help desk support.

Ticket management is one of the important aspects of help desk software. Ticket management software allows the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds and manages customer queries. It will not only help you give the end-users the convenience that emails offer but will ensure that your customer support does not have to deal with inefficiency in providing support directly from their inboxes.

Additionally, it can convert emails into support tickets and provide a number of tools that help you maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

Before we go through the reasons why ticketing software is better than email communication, we will see how email conversation works and what the limitations of email communication are.

How E-mail communication works and what are its limitations?

There is no doubt that email is a valuable communication tool and its widespread use has introduced come challenges for large organizations. However, there are several downfalls of email communication that make it challenging to send information. Whenever you send a message from your e-mail client, it goes to an email server that manages the messages received by it.

The messages are then forwarded to Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) service if it is to be sent to a person on the same subnet. If the message is to be sent to a person on another subnet, it follows the standard procedure of sending messages over the internet to the destined person.

  • Email communication is a good way to send messages when the message you want to share is not time-sensitive and you are not expecting an instantaneous response.
  • You can use email communication if you want to convey a message to a large number of people and need a written record of communication. However, it is not appropriate means of communication, when your message is long and complicated and would be conveyed better face-to-face.
  • One should know that email is never a private communication, and your message can be forwarded to other people without your knowledge.
  • A backup copy of your email is always stored in the server, from where it can be retrieved anytime. Moreover, your message can be easily reconstructed and shared with the wrong person.

Reasons why ticketing software is better than email communication

A ticket management software is designed to eliminate the pesky manual process, which is often time-consuming and laborious. Many small and medium businesses require customer support to answer calls and log the problems manually. A help desk software will receive and log the issue automatically, rather than getting it done manually. This not only streamlines the entire process of communication but will help you track the records of issues that are submitted.

Ticket management software is similar to email in terms of flexibility, speed, and simplicity. However, ticketing software allows you to do many things out of the box, which email communication cannot. Below are the top reasons why ticketing software is better than email communication.

1. All your conversations are in one place

It is difficult to keep track of information when lots of people are working on requests. In email communication, the customer support agents need to jump through many hoops, and in this process, they will go somewhere else for solutions.

The best way to combat these issues is by creating a responsive and easily accessible ticket management solution that minimizes the resolution time. You can make this possible by converting your emails to support tickets.

2. Efficiency and flexibility

The biggest drawback of email communication is that the customer support agents need to go back and forth between their inboxes. You can simplify the process by integrating email and ticketing software, and help your staff to work at peak efficiency. In short, ticketing solutions allow the support team to work at full capacity all the time.

Another limitation of email over ticket tracking software is the flexibility to respond to user queries. Customers expect the support team to give the same kind of attention to the emails they send, and usually don’t accept delays. Ticket tracking software lets the customer support team handle the tasks remotely, giving them the flexibility to respond instantly to customer queries.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Your support team is the most valuable asset of your company, and the time they waste takes your company away from productivity. However, you need to take care not to spend too much on different support technologies that increase your budget. It is best to have a help desk solution that fits into the budget of your organization.

Most of the help desk solutions come with an email conversion tool that is easy to use and extremely accessible. The best-fitted ticketing software is highly valuable than an email communication tool.

4. Tracking and reporting metrics

Email communication does not allow you to track whether someone in your company is working efficiently or not. However, ticket tracking software allows you to determine the work efficiency of your employees, as you can track everything.
For example – if you want to know the work progress of any teammate, you can run a report on each and every ticket; the teammate has worked on in the past month. You can not only track the requests of customers but can know how efficiently the employee is working. Read more about help desk metrics you should analyze while using ticketing software.

5. Transparency and foster collaboration

The ticket tracking software help companies determine which departments and teams are getting more support requests so that the support resources are allocated efficiently. In email communication, you will neither be allowed to track the issue nor know who worked on them.

Ticket management solutions will let the supervisors know the status of various issues, what needs to be done, and who worked on it. Moreover, it allows foster collaboration, which means multiple people can work on the same issue and keep the progress in the same place. In case of any team member leaves, it is easier to reorganize issues and reassign them to others.

The bottom line is ticket tracking software is superior to email communication. Ticket tracking software is good for start-ups as well as for those who handle multiple support queries.

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Megha Jadhav5 Reasons Ticket Management Software is Better Than Email Communication
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