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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Help Desk Software

Why choose Vision Helpdesk?

Due to the digital age that we live in, your customers expects fast and superior customer service. One way that you can make your customers happy and increase your employee’s productivity is with

a software to help you manage your customer service. In fact, here are six ways our help desk software can make your life easier.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Channels

Vision Helpdesk can help increase your customer support team’s efficiency by integrating multiple channels into one. Easily manage conversations between employees and customers on the phone, email, chat, website, Twitter and Facebook all on one platform. The software allows you to convert each help request into a ticket so it can be organize and tracked. You can also integrate the software with more than 60 popular applications, including tools for Customer Relationship Management, invoicing and much more.


Save Time with Automation

Every help desk ticket is automatically categorized, prioritized and assigned to one of your customer support team members. Tickets can also be delegated to specific agents based upon their expertise. By automating the work-flow process from the initial customer support request to its final resolution, our help desk software can save your team the time and hassle of sorting through each help request one by one.


Increase Productivity

Another way help desk software can increase your company’s productivity is with the private social hub, gamification and task management features. The private social hub is a space for agents to communicate and share their knowledge with each other. They can also post company presentations, files, and collaborate on certain ticket issues. All of the conversations will remain safe and private.

Every ticket becomes an opportunity to score points thanks to the gamification side of the software. Your agents can now compete with the rest of the team to win badges, trophies and other rewards. This can motivate your staff to boost their productivity while they work hard to reach certain achievements.

The task management features allow you to keep track of each ticket’s progress and learn which ones are over due. Staff members can also post comments so customer service agents can be updated about certain issues.

All these features can increase your company’s productivity and will allow your customers to get fast customer service from happy agents.


Set Up Customer Support Billing

Did you know that our help desk software can reveal how much time you have spent on each customer, why and how they can be billed them for it? Vision Helpdesk allows you to track the time you spend assisting each client. Generating time sheets on the fly? Check. Analyzing billable time? Got it. Tying in the billable hours with your invoicing tool? It is on the house! You can also track billable time and offer a certain dollar or credit amount to clients using billing packages. Collect with Paypal or other authorized payment gateways.


Serve Customers on the Go Using Mobile Apps

Customer service doesn’t stop when your agents clock out, so why should your support? Our mobile app allows your staff to access and resolve tickets when they are on the go from the convenience of their pocket.  Your staff only needs to log onto your help desk portal in order to manage tickets, update work orders and resolve support issues. We offer native app for iOS, Android and Windows phone.


Self-Service Customer Portal

Sometimes the best customer experiences happen when customers have the power to serve themselves. Self-service is quickly becoming the most preferred channel for support by many customers. Vision Helpdesk makes it easy to deliver a seamless self- service experience for customers and reduce the number of support requests. Our Help Center is fully customizable and offers many features, including an online community, knowledge base section, and a self-service portal – all in one platform. Your users can submit new help requests, search for resolutions to common issues, view the status of earlier submitted work orders, access other information and reset their password. Reduce costs by allowing end users to log tickets and look up the status of existing support tickets via the self-service web portal. All of these convenient features can result in an increased level of customer satisfaction and also reduce the amount of support tickets your team has to answer.


Overall, the right help desk software can be a great addition to your company since it can save employees and customers time and money. It can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer support team by automating certain tasks so your team can concentrate on providing value and helping customers. You can also enjoy the software’s ability to simplify the tasks of creating, tracking and assigning tasks to different customer service staff agents in just a few seconds. Your users can also save time and be more productive by virtue of being able to e-mail their help desk issues – and any related updates – when it is most convenient to them.

The software can make a big difference in your company’s productivity by decreasing the amount of help tickets while making your employees happy and increasing their level job satisfaction. With Vision Helpdesk, we are proud to give you everything you may need in our software to give your customers the superior level of service they expect, regardless if it is through an email exchange, self-service portal, on the phone or via their favorite social media platform.

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Megha Jadhav6 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Help Desk Software
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