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7 Clear Signs Your Business Needs SaaS Help Desk Software

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If your business is considering help desk software, but aren’t quite sure that you need a full-blown software solution rather than just making a few changes to your internal processes, there are a few things that you have to ask yourself when making that decision.

There are some few tell-tale signs that your business could improve your customer service efforts with the addition of customer support software. Often, businesses that are handling their customer service through traditional channels like email are underestimating the amount of busy-work that those methods create for their staff. SaaS help desk software can help your business to streamline processes and reduce the workload for each individual customer rep. A few of the signs that your business could use help desk software to improve your customer support include:

1. You’re Still Helping Customers Through Email 

Although you might be comfortable handling customer service requests through email, trying to keep track of dozens of daily customer support requests through that channel (especially with multiple team members) is almost impossible and likely results in extra work and a lot of wasted time. Even if it seems to be working for now, it is important to know that customer service run directly through an email client scales poorly and will become unmanageable as the business grows.

2. Sometimes Customers Fall Through the Cracks

When you don’t have a full system outlined in your customer service processes, customers will eventually start falling through the cracks, particularly on busy days. If you’ve ever had a missed customer service request or failed to follow-up with a customer after trying to help them, only to have that customer return upset, then you likely could have benefited from help desk software. Customer support software helps you to keep track of individual customer service requests, assign them a priority level and follow-up with the customer should any other problems arise throughout the process.

3. Your Customer Service Reps Feel Overwhelmed

If you find that your customer service reps are often getting stressed out and having difficulty meeting their daily workload, the best thing that you can do for them is to give them the tools that they need to succeed. Expecting your customer service team to be able to handle all requests for a growing business through email or old-fashioned methods, they can quickly become overwhelmed and turnover for those positions will be high. Giving your staff high quality customer service software not only makes their jobs easier, but it allows all facets of your company to run more smoothly.

4. You Want to Help Customers with Issues More Quickly

Are you tracking any type of customer service metrics currently? Knowing how quickly you are able to help your average customer, how many customer service requests each rep answers each day and how quick your average response time is are all very important for evaluating your teams and making improvements. Vision Help Desk allows you to better evaluate individual sales reps and your team’s efforts as a whole to make improvements to your processes.

5. Your Losing Customers Due to Ineffective Customer Service

Have you ever had a customer submit a customer service request and then become so upset with the service that they received that they choose to take their business elsewhere? All businesses of a certain size have dealt with this at some point. But this should be rare. If you notice that you are regularly losing customers due to poor customer service, the decision to implement SaaS help desk software should be an easy one. There is no doubt that SaaS customer service software will help you to reduce friction with customers and simplify your processes, resulting in a better overall service.

6. You Want to Grow a Customer Service Team, but Needs Tools to Manage It

As a business grows, the customer service requests undoubtedly become more numerous and difficult for individuals or small teams to handle. If your business has been growing, the load on your customer service team has been growing with it. If you know that you need to expand your team but don’t currently have the tools to do so, the addition of a customer service management software can provide you with the tools that you need for multiple team members to manage a large number of requests and handle each individual request with increased efficiency.

7. As an Owner, You are Still Providing Customer Service

When you are a small bootstrapped company, it makes sense for the owner to provide customer service support. You don’t have the money to bring on customer service reps and have to put the processes in place for hiring and managing a customer service team. However, as your business grows you should quickly transition out of these small roles so that you can focus on the bigger picture items and growing your business. If your business has grown substantially but you still find yourself providing run of the mill customer service support, you should consider adding a customer service management software and additional team members to handle those requests.

At Vision Helpdesk, we are dedicated to providing the best help desk software in the industry. We work closely with our clients to find ways in which our feature set can match up to your needs and processes that are already in place to ensure a seamless transition. As businesses grow, customer service requests can become incredibly hard to manage. Our software helps to solve those headaches and put your business in a position to grow and succeed.

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Megha Jadhav7 Clear Signs Your Business Needs SaaS Help Desk Software
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