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Innovative SaaS Help Desk Software Gave Sam the Ability to Manage Multiple Business

multi business help desk software
After years of working for a software development group, Sam set his career sights on more independent opportunities. His broad range of technical and business abilities afforded him many opportunities,
but with limited time in the day he chose three business avenues. Within the process of acclimating himself to his new multi-business path, Sam encountered some challenges. This is the story of how an innovative SaaS help desk software gave Sam the ability to manage multiple businesses, and overcome his customer service and organizational challenges.

Sam’s Three Businesses

Creating the three businesses wasn’t difficult, as they naturally were formed even while he was working for the software development group. Yet, now he was intent on solidifying these with website optimization and brand marketing strategies. Basically, he developed websites with an integrated social media marketing campaign.

His first business was a consulting business for startups dealing with finding financing, the second business was freelance writing for tech publications, and the third was an ecommerce store selling skateboards. Sam made the skateboards himself from his work shop in the garage, and this hobby was what led him away from software development.

All three of these businesses were healthy and growing with clients, yet the consulting and freelance writing were the main sources of his income. He wanted to get to the point of solely working his skateboard business, but was content working all three businesses until that could financially happen.

The Problem Sam Had

Sam was getting a healthy amount of work from these businesses, but he realized early on there was a big problem emerging. This problem was an organizational problem, which was serious because it was taking away the time he wanted to spend making skateboards. In fact, after about 6 months of working these businesses, Sam was spending at least half his time dealing with customer support issues!

Although Sam was multi-talented, customer service and organizational ability wasn’t his strength. He realized this was a problem that required special attention, after a couple high-profile clients stopped working with him when he accidentally ignored some key requests. In fact, the email tickets, phone calls, and social media messages were overwhelming Sam on a daily basis. All three businesses were beginning to suffer.

This problem was very discouraging to Sam, because he knew his work was quality. It was simply that his customer service and organizational ability was severely lacking.

How Sam Found the Solution

Sam did some researching online trying to find a customer service solution. See, website optimization wasn’t his specialty in the software development group he used to work for. He found some promising software solutions, but was unsure which one would work for his multi-business needs. He was still in contact with a friend at the development group and finally gave him a call.

This friend was a managing partner in the group, and was excited to hear the question Sam posed about finding a multi-business customer support solution. He explained the group had started using an innovative software solution called Vision Helpdesk, for many of their clients and for the development group themselves.

Sam was amazed and interested at what he heard from his friend. He then started to investigate this service online. Before lunch the next day he was already signed up for a free 30-day trial offer! He signed up specifically for their Satellite Help Desk SaaS service, which was designed to handle customer service for multi-businesses!

He was amazed at the features and centralized organizational ability he gained so quickly. Each business now had its’ own knowledge-base, self-help landing page, and he was able to manage all email, social media, phone, and chat conversations in a central dashboard location. Every ticket was labeled accordingly to its’ source and time, while priority tickets were shown with customized automation controls.

The Resulting Months

After Sam integrated Vision Helpdesk’s Satellite Desk service into his three businesses, his customer service and organizational ability went from a liability to a selling point. His customers were able to access self-help landing pages on his websites now, which reduced tickets dramatically. This alone was a major help in streamlining Sam’s workflow processes.

The first couple months were exciting, as Sam was able to save time and create better customer satisfaction. The glowing comments and feedback from old and new customers was a confirmation that he’d found his customer service solution at last. The time he was able to save trying to haphazardly manage his customers’ needs, he was now able to use doing the things he loved: building awesome skateboards!

One of the most amazing parts was after the free trial, Vision Helpdesk was so affordable he couldn’t get over it. To show his gratitude, he began to become one of their biggest advocates in his startup consulting business. In the span of a year, he referred dozens of startups to Vision Helpdesk.


Although Sam was a talented and tech savvy business owner, he had room to grow in customer service and organizational skills. With the help of Vision Helpdesk, he was able to find a solution that saved time, increases customer satisfaction, and brought more profit into his businesses. Working smarter and not harder, was the theme in this situation.

Sam is still working his three businesses, yet the skateboard ecommerce shop is growing in popularity every year. While traveling around the world to skateboarding events, Sam is now able to stay on top of his customer support tickets through the cloud-based Satellite Desk service. Sometimes this means using a mobile device in a country far away, to answer a small question or request from clients.

Maybe Vision Helpdesk can help solve the customer service and organizational issues your business has? You’re welcome to give our service a try with a free 30-day trial offer. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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Megha JadhavInnovative SaaS Help Desk Software Gave Sam the Ability to Manage Multiple Business
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