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8 Unbeatable Benefits of a Multi-Brand Help Desk

multi company ticketing help desk software

The benefits of the right help desk software are clear. It helps you ensure that you always have resources available for your customers in need of help, whether that be through a live ticketing system or a more static knowledge resource database.

As you expand your company, especially if you offer high-leverage and intensity products, it’s invaluable to build your customer support and retain more customers.

But what happens once you branch out into other product lines and even brands? What if you acquire a company in your industry that maintains its own identity, or build that separate brand identity from scratch?

The easy thing might be to assume that you simply have to implement a help desk for every brand you manage. However, that’s far from the case. Instead, consider these 8 benefits of a multi-brand help desk, a singular solution that allows you to take care of all brands under your corporate umbrella equally.

1) A Central Help Desk for Each Brand

Let’s start with the obvious. Managing various software platforms can be challenging as you branch out into new verticals and brand environments. Especially if you work on a distributed IT model, but even if you simply have to account for IT management for each platform, it can quickly get confusing and become less efficient.

What if, then, you could move to a single platform that takes care of the entire process for you? The ease of introduction, ease of use, and ease of management are simply unbeatable. As its name suggests, the fact that this can become your central help desk that covers each brand is crucial to its value proposition.

2) Branded Customer Portals for Each Entity

Centralization is key to the first benefit. It might surprise you, then, that the second benefit focuses on differentiators. With a multi-brand help desk, each company, brand, and even product can build its own customer portal.

You don’t have to worry about a single visual identity for each. Instead, you can build a customized platform designed for the needs of each brand’s customers and the nuances that each customer journey brings with it. Each entity, in other words, gets the visual identity that it needs and deserves to succeed.

3) Complete Database-Level Data Isolation Between Brands

The separation between front ends can also extend to the back end. It’s not just the customer-facing portal that makes each brand unique. The same distinction also occurs on the database level.

Simply put, you don’t have to worry about data mix-ups that can become common when multiple brands share a software platform. The right multi-brand help desk instead allows you to keep the data completely isolated, avoiding confusion and allowing for more accurate reporting.

4) Independent Scaling, Made Easy

Every business hopes to grow over time. Chances are yours isn’t any different. Of course, no business grows at identical rates, and the same is true for brands. You might have one sector already reaching maturity, while the other is still in a high-growth phase. Naturally, the same software platform cannot possibly apply to both situations.

What you need, then, is a help desk that can scale independently both vertically and horizontally. As your customer base expands, you can manage the added volume. As new brands and products get added to the portfolio, you can branch out rather than starting from scratch.

5) Build Access Level For Employees of Various Brands

Growing companies, especially those with growing employees, tend to start seeing security problems. When it was just 5 of you, everyone could be trusted with the same level of access. But now that there are 100 people or more working for you, is the same still true?

In most cases, the answer is no. And of course, you need to restrict access to sensitive customer info based on responsibility and individual area of expertise. The right help desk allows you to set up and restrict staff access based on the company and brand, and even the specific product they’re working on.

6) Individual Rules for Each Brand

Think about how different your brands can be from each other, even from a standardized perspective. They may operate in different time zones, under different business hours, and more. Even their reporting needs according to industry standards might differ.

Look for a help desk software that accounts for these potential differences. That means making sure each platform can be set up with its own time zone and business hours. It also means the ability to build out workflows based on the needs on each brand, not just the company as a whole.

7) Customized Communication Streams to Fit Each Brand’s Customers

Let’s go back to the purpose of each brand you’re building: if they were all meant to look the same, you wouldn’t have to build out and maintain separate identities. Do you really want to forego that possibility for your help desk?

The answer is obvious. A multi-brand help desk helps you answer the tickets of each company with the right outgoing mail, set up in a central system but separated by brand. You can maintain the image of strong individual brands even though management is centralized on the back end.

8) Significant Cost Savings Short and Long-Term

Finally, don’t underestimate the potential cost savings you can encounter with using one help desk software for multiple brands. You will only have to pay once for implementation, and once for ongoing partnerships with your vendor.

Long-term, you benefit from a more authentic customer experience and lower maintenance and IT costs, all of which positively impact your budget. Don’t underestimate these costs savings, especially as they contrast with the significant functional benefits of the same software mentioned above.

In short, a multi-brand help desk allows you to customize the experience and data for each entity, even as you centralize its management. The benefits of that split are significant in both saving costs and building customer loyalty. Of course, you need the right software to make that happen for your business. Browse our website to learn more about our Satellite Help Desk software, perfect for companies with multiple brands.

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Megha Jadhav8 Unbeatable Benefits of a Multi-Brand Help Desk
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