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Advantages of an Outsourced IT Help Desk Over In-House Support

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Many companies take it upon themselves to provide IT support to customers and employees, but business owners don’t realize that outsourcing an IT help desk benefits the company in multiple ways.
Customers and employees also benefit because they’re receiving assistance from true IT professionals. The in-house employees companies depend on for technical support aren’t always as knowledgeable as workers who solely do IT support. While you’re likely hesitant to take on the expense of outsourcing an IT help desk, here are some reasons why you should consider it for your business.

Cheaper Than Having Your Own In-House IT Support

If you have your own in-house IT support team, you have to pay each worker a full-time salary with benefits. This is quite expensive compared to outsourcing to an IT help desk. Highly experienced IT professionals will expect to earn good money as well. As technology changes quickly, you’ll also need to pay for your IT personnel to receive ongoing training and education.

Less Hassle Than Hiring Your Own In-House IT Support

To develop your own squad of IT experts, you’ll have to sift through resumes, go through interviews, and try to find the best candidates. The hiring process is stressful for many companies, and it takes time away from other business tasks. If your business uses some sort of uncommon technology, you’ll also have to spend time introducing the new staff to it. You can skip the hassle of recruiting your own team by using an outsourced team of experts.

Frees Up Time And Less Downtime

Perhaps you’re trying to get around hiring in-house IT support by assigning tech-savvy employees to assist with technical problems. Unfortunately, this technique can backfire on you in terms of saving the business money. Solving technology problems takes time away from the work you hired these employees to do, and lost productivity means lost revenue for your company. Employees who usually perform other tasks but always have to do tech support may get frustrated as well. Outsourcing IT support enables employees to do the work you hired them to do.

IT help desks can access your systems remotely and prevent problems before they happen. This translates into less downtime for your computer systems.

Service Available 24/7

Most IT help desks provide 24/7 access to tech support services. Your in-house team of experts will go home at the end of the workday, leaving customers and off-hours employees with no one to contact outside of business hours. Customers enjoy prompt assistance when they’re experiencing technical difficulties and may get frustrated with your business when help isn’t there.

Abundant Expertise

IT help desks have plenty of workers available to answer questions and solve problems. Your in-house team may only consist of two or three employees, and if they’re busy, customers with problems have to wait until they’re available. The longer customers have to wait, the more annoyed they become, and no one likes dealing with irritated customers.

Better Expertise

IT support is all the workers at help desks do, which is why they’ve gained strong expertise. They have extensive knowledge of hardware, software, apps, and technology, and they stay current in the field. They’re also used to working with other businesses in your industry, and this experience enables them to make proper recommendations more quickly.

Diversified Expertise

Teams at IT help desks have a wider range of technological backgrounds than small in-house teams. Their team may include developers, project engineers, and other professionals who’re savvy with a wide range of apps, technology, and software. This means that your problems will get solved faster and without as much hassle.

Better Tools And Equipment

If you hire your own team of experts, you’ll also have to provide IT equipment, which is pricey. IT help desks give businesses the benefit of using expensive IT equipment without having to buy it. This equipment includes monitoring applications, management tools, analytic tools, and antivirus programs. You can monitor how your business performs and make changes accordingly with data from these programs.

Insider Status With Technology Vendors

IT help desks often maintain good relations with technology providers like Dell, Cisco, and Microsoft. This allows them to stay informed about the latest technology updates and security patches, and help desks usually receive good deals on new products. They also receive breaking news about new hacking scams and security risks.

Self-Service User Portal

IT help desk software usually features a self-service function that allows users to look up answers to problems on their own. This helps users get their problems resolved faster, and users benefit from learning more about the technology they’re working with.

You Get Service Tickets Instead of Emails

While an in-house team may rely emails for tech issues, an IT help desk uses service ticketing software, which is more sophisticated. Ticketing software allows multiple workers to address the same problem without having to switch back and forth between email accounts. The software also sorts problems into categories of urgency or severity, and email can only show problems in the order in which they come in.

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Megha JadhavAdvantages of an Outsourced IT Help Desk Over In-House Support
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