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Best Human-Friendly Practices To Automate Customer Service

automate customer service

These days, everything is automated. Whether it is making hotel reservations, social life or any other thing, people look for automated services. So, why should customer service be different from this?

Automated customer service is the best way to get customer service by automated means. Whether it is in the form of information generated from a website or resolution from community forums, all these come under the category of automated customer service. Automated customer service has bad reputation and customers cringe when your employees pass an automated mail, even if it was sent personally.

Companies should know that automation cannot always replace a real customer support representative. It is all about reacting to complex situations and providing scenario based solutions. Going automated will save your company a lot of time and money. However, it should be done right on the right platform.

Key features

There are many features of automated customer service solutions. You can leverage Help Desk automation for ideal jobs, and let them find data to diagnose problems and answer simplest queries automatically. The key features of help desk automation are –

  • Filtering tickets to reply in a smart way
  • Solve simple queries automatically
  • Translate tickets automatically
  • Enable advanced support tools
  • Providing human support
  • Follow up, monitor and avoid frustrations
  • Saves time composing replies
  • Categorization and prioritization of tickets automatically

Here are some of the best human-friendly practices to automate customer service that keep your customers happy and generate better ROI.

1. Automation with human intervention

Systems that are used for automation purpose need human intervention. The reason behind this is the complexity of multiple application and processes and integration points. Companies have to maintain thousands of inbound calls and emails every month. Moreover, they need to maintain multiple support channels like – email, phone, social media, live chat etc. To reduce the level of complexity, companies should focus on human intervention in customer support automation.
For this, you need to make sure that your support systems are fully functional and ensure the reputation of your company. Choose the best customer service technology that relies on knowledge base tools, CRM and analytic. Remember that not all the customer service technologies are reliable. Some are pretty impressive, while there are a few that are terrible.

2. Automate the audience

Techno-savvy people are very comfortable using automated systems. In fact, they love the online approach and want to get connected with your company through your website, social media and online communities.
Choose the automated customer service in such a way that you offer variety of online option to your customers. If your target audience is younger, you should offer live chat and social media options. Develop a knowledge base program that includes easy messages and texts.

3. Address customer concerns preemptively

Many customer issues can be resolved if they have resources like – walk-through, tutorials, articles and FAQs. Relevant help docs and information can help your customers resolve issues with much ease. You can reduce the volume of incoming service requests by preemptively addressing the customer concerns.
The human resources you save can be focused on providing better service, allowing the representatives to address each issue thoroughly.

4. Make sure to use automated system as a tool and not substitute

The purpose of automated customer service is to enhance customer experience, and not replacing the employees entirely with technology. Companies should not rely completely on automated solutions, but utilize it as an effective tool for providing quality service. You can strike the balance by providing live and automated support in equal parts.
Don’t forget your audience and keep training your representatives to fulfill ever-changing requirements of your customers. There should always be an alternative to get to a customer support representative.

5. Merge multiple support channels

There are many channels for customer support such as – email, phone, text, live chat and social media. It is quite challenging to support customers all the way across these channels. Many agents operate differently and work on different IT systems. Companies are advised to unify the management of different channels so that customers receive consistent service across multiple channels.

There is no doubt that customer service automation will improve service, business results and productivity. With recent improvements in automation systems, it is quite easier for companies to do business and get the most out of their relationship with customer.

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Megha JadhavBest Human-Friendly Practices To Automate Customer Service
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