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Covid-19 Lockdown Challenges, New Changes For Your IT Service Desk

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Covid-19 Lockdown has posted new challenges for every business this year. Being optimist this year will bring more opportunity for you to fulfil all of those IT service desk goals you have been trying to accomplish for a couple of years in a row.

It is time for you to think about all of the things you were missing from your IT service desk the year before. What can you do in 2020 to make up for all of the IT service desk errors and confusion that happened in 2019?

However, we know it can be difficult to set goals and resolutions because there are so many IT service desk topics and suggestions that are being shared. One of the important things you will need to remember is that you should only place your attention on the topics and suggestions that relate to your business or organization. Some of the areas that can impact your IT service desk include the customer experience you provide, a self-service option, machine learning or artificial intelligence options, live or automated chats, and more.

All of the topics listed above can be a major key to improving your IT service desk’s daily operations. When you have the ability to improve your IT service desk’s daily operations, you will have a better chance of creating a positive experience for your users. Here are some of the goals and resolutions we think you should work on fulfilling this year in regard to your IT service desk.

Resolution 1: Lower Operating Costs

One of the best ways for a business or organization to be cost-effective is to ensure that all of its resources are being allocated correctly. A business or organization can significantly reduce costs and allocate its IT resources the right way by ensuring the onboarding and implementation process is completed the right way.

When your business or organization is getting ready to introduce changes to the IT service desk, it is important to make sure all of your employees are ready for the implementation and onboarding process. You can use training and other educational resources to ensure all of your current employees and future employees will have the resources they need to solve even the most complex issues.

When employees are equipped with the right resources and tools, the IT department will not have to expend additional resources taking on those issues. Also, the training time for new employees can be reduced because the onboarding process will include solutions and learning strategies that will lead to better decision-making by the new employees.

When there is a reduction in manual processes and procedures, your business or organization’s operations can be streamlined. When your operations are streamlined, there will be a reduction in errors and the chances of the same operations being repeated will be reduced.

Resolution 2: Offer Self-Service Options

When it comes to reducing costs and improving operations, one of the best additions to your IT service strategy will be self-service solutions. An IT self-service portal will provide your users with 24/7/365 access to all of your IT services. Encouraging your users to use the self-service portal can reduce the number of calls that come into the service desk on a daily basis.

When there is a reduction in the number of phone calls into the IT service desk, it will generally lead to a reduction in IT support costs. However, the business or organization will not be the only ones benefitting from the self-service portal. Your products and services are used by many people who would consider themselves to be knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to technology.

Since so many of your users have the knowledge to resolve their own problems with a little direction, it will be beneficial to them to have access to a portal that will allow them to tackle the smaller issues. When you post a list of your frequently asked questions, your user will be able to find an answer to the question on the portal instead of calling into the help desk.

When there is a reduction in calls for issues that can be resolved in a matter of minutes, the IT service desk will be able to focus more attention on taking on some of the bigger issues that end users have.

A self-service portal for your business or organization can include a variety of functions and capabilities, including the following:

  • The ability for users to log incidents and service requests
  • The ability for users to resolve an issue by using the knowledge base
  • Password resetting
  • The ability for users to chat with a support agent

Your self-service portal should encourage users to look for answers to their problems. The first line of support that users will find will be themselves. If you create a self-service portal that is implemented properly, you will be able to provide outstanding benefits to your users. In addition, you will see great improvements to your entire operations.

Resolution 3: Reduce The Number of Calls

For this year, you will likely have plans to expand your business or organization and adopt a variety of new strategies. If you do have plans to make these changes, your IT department will need to be able to keep up with the changes. New strategies will likely result in more calls to the service desk and more tickets being created.

When you begin to see a common theme in regard to service incidents and service requests, you will be able to use all of your business resources in an appropriate manner. When you are able to allocate all of your resources the right way, you will be able to make a better decision about what issues can be addressed through the self-service portal and what issues will need to be addressed by members of your IT service desk team.

When you have the right IT service desk software and the right strategies in place, all of the pressure will not be on your service desk team. We encourage you to think about all of the changes you can make to your IT strategy so your business operations can be improved and so you can provide a better experience for your users.

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Megha JadhavCovid-19 Lockdown Challenges, New Changes For Your IT Service Desk
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