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Customer Service Software Benefits: This is what your customers want

Customer Service Software Benefits
Owning a small business takes dedication, perseverance, and passion. Even then, there is no guarantee that the business will be a success. You may have all the qualities necessary for a successful business yet customers don’t connect with your brand. Possibly your customer base is not as committed or loyal as you want and need them to be. One important factor for all businesses is the customer connection. If customers are dissatisfied, disloyal, or disinterested, then an otherwise great business idea will fall flat. However, with a solid customer service approach, businesses can excel while their competitors are left behind.

You may think that your product or service is fantastic enough to sell itself and that customer service is not too relevant, but more than three-quarters of customers backed out of a transaction simply due to a poor customer service experience. While it’s impossible to be everywhere at all times servicing your customers, you can take advantage of customer service software to support your business goals. Customers are the bedrock of any business. They are your greatest mouthpieces, for better or for worse. Understanding the mindset of customers, catering to their desires, and using the technology necessary to provide superior service should be the goal of every business owner. So, just what is the customer mindset? What do customers really want in the company in which they do business? Here are 5 simple things customers want and that you can provide for them.

Customer Service Software Benefits:

Timely response

According to the research, 75 % of customers are impatient with the time it takes to reach customer service agents. People want a prompt response when they have an issue with a product or if they simply want information to make a purchasing decision. Using customer service software provides your staff with an efficient way to respond to customer issues in a timely manner. Customer service software frees up the time your agents spend with sorting and prioritizing incoming requests so that high-priority customers are dealt with right away.

Accurate information

With the vastness of the internet and the amount of information on it, there is no doubt some information out there is not correct. Customers, however, have little tolerance for incorrect information. When they contact your business with questions or needs, they want to get the right answers the first time. No one enjoys explaining the entire problem or issue over multiple times just because people are not all on the same page. Customers reported that 50 % of the time their questions are not answered properly when they contact a business. Customer support software should enhance communication and improve accuracy. Software solutions such as what Vision Helpdesk offers allows all staff members to see the same information about a customer’s request or problem. This ensures the customer receives accurate information the first time. Research reveals that two things that go into a “happy customer experience” are competency of the service representatives (78 and personalization of the experience.

Prompt problem resolution

When it comes down to problems, customers may be upset that there was a problem to start with, but if you resolve it promptly, they are more apt to forget it and not hold it against you. In fact, according to research conducted by Lee Resources, if a business resolves the customer’s complaint in their favor, they will continue doing business with you approximately 70 % of the time. That’s a pretty strong motivator to make sure you have a solid problem resolution system in place. Customer service software delivers problem management solutions by flagging high–priority issues and routing them to the proper department,

Personal engagement with your business

As your business consistently delivers exceptional customer service, your brand flourishes as one that is engaged with its customers. People want to be engaged with those with whom they do business. Having a brand image that is professional yet personable will establish you as a leader. Personalized customer service includes:

  • Understanding which person/department needs to handle the customer (it’s frustrating to be routed from one person to another).
  • Having a guaranteed response time when issues arise ( this would occur most likely with regular distributors of your product).
  • Knowing the exact nature of the issue and the customer’s name when responding to a ticket.

According to research by McKinsey, “70 % of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Enhancing your brand image with a personable approach increases customer purchases.

Provides a platform that’s always “ON”

There’s a good chance that many of the people your business interacts with – if not now, then they will in the future – is millennial’s. We are all familiar with the internet savvy nature of millennial’s. They are known for using the web, smart phones, and computers to communicate with businesses and research information before a purchase. This means they are likely to contact your company via the web and/or during “off hours.” It’s important therefore to have a ready platform that is always active. In other words, they should be able to have responsive communication with your company at any time. Customer service software makes that possible by working off a wide range of platforms that never turn off. Furthermore, customer support software produces tickets to quickly route the issue to the right person so that a response is timely.

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Whether you have a product or service to sell, fantastic customer service is your ticket to increased business success. Connect with Vision Helpdesk today to find out how your business can use a help desk to support your customer service goals.

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Megha JadhavCustomer Service Software Benefits: This is what your customers want
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