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Operating a business, whether large or small, means you juggle many responsibilities. From managing the customer feedback to internal IT problems, you likely face various problems on any given day.
Finding solutions to increase the business’s productivity is a priority. That’s why many businesses are implementing help desk software to maximize workplace efficiency. However, with so many help desk choices available, you may be wondering which one is best for your company. Or maybe you have been using a help desk and aren’t quite satisfied. If you are looking for a Freshdesk alternative, then Vision Helpdesk is a choice that will enhance the performance of your office. Let’s take a look at some of the top complaints customers have about Freshdesk and see how Vision Helpdesk compares.

Freshdesk Alternative – Vision Helpdesk

Based on customer reviews, the following negative characteristics were listed:

1a. Freshdesk Negative

One Freshdesk customer wrote that it was difficult to manage the software if you have multiple departments or brands. It obviously didn’t support a seamless operation when several departments need to be in the loop of communication or made it challenging to set up customization for the various SLA’s required for different departments.

Anyone who has a larger business will need help desk software that supports multiple brands and/or departments. You don’t want to be back at square one with needing to do more work. The goal of a help desk is to help employees get their work done quicker.

1b. Vision Helpdesk Solution

Using Vision Helpdesk, you will be able to communicate seamlessly with multiple departments. The ticket management component of the software allows staff to click to which department the ticket needs to go. From a user-friendly dashboard, staff can filter out just tickets for their department or view all tickets across every department. Staff can even track the tasks and conversations that occurred on a particular ticket. This helps with ticket management.

2a. Freshdesk Negative

Inventory (or asset) management is an important part of your business operation. You need to ensure that a help desk can properly track and manage configuration items. One customer made note that Freshdesk asset tracking doesn’t integrate with work orders, making it useless. If you are not able to integrate the asset tracking data with current or past work orders, then your data is not functional.

2b. Vision Helpdesk Solution

The asset management component in Vision Helpdesk not only tracks your IT assets from procurement but right on through disposal. It also allows you to integrate the CI’s with incident reports, service requests, changes, problems, or releases. In other words, the asset relationship is linked appropriately to work orders. This shows staff the impact of CI’s across all departments.

3a. Freshdesk Negative

If you’re going to invest in a helpdesk, which is a wise move to make, you want to make sure it doesn’t give you more work to do. Sometimes a subtle difference in how the software performs can actually work against itself – and your workload. For example, one customer of Freshdesk complained that he was getting an overload of emails for ticket notifications. So, the system was doing what it needed to by notifying him about tickets, but he was getting up to 6 emails for one ticket! That ends up being an overload instead of support.

3b. Vision Helpdesk Solution

With Vision Helpdesk, you can manage your ticket distribution the way you want. Categorize who will get the tickets and determine when and how often they get emails. You can set up an escalation email notification if the party responsible doesn’t respond in the determined amount of time. The escalated email may go to another person higher up, therefore the emails are dispersed appropriately.

Another hot feature Vision Helpdesk offers is “Workflow.” Enabling this feature allows you to automate a variety of actions – ticket management being one of them. When you use this feature with tickets, you can determine in advance what department the ticket should go to, what to do if the SLA isn’t maintained, and how to automatically close a ticket when needed. This will prevent your staff from getting needless annoying emails.

4a. Freshdesk Negative

Any type of helpdesk you use needs to integrate with multiple remote apps and software. The more you can integrate with other apps, then more seamless your workflow will be. However, one complaint about Freshdesk was that there needed to be better integration with remote software.

4b. Vision Helpdesk Solution

Implementing Vision Helpdesk means you can integrate with a wide range of apps. Here is a list of the supported apps:

  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google emails
  • Office 365 hosted emails
  • MS exchange hosted emails
  • Active Directory
  • Paypal
  • LinkedIn
  • 2SMS
  • Clickatell
  • Live Chat Inc
  • Twillo
  • Drupal
  • Clientexec
  • GoToAssist
  • GoToMeeting
  • Comm100
  • UserLike
  • Live!Zilla
  • Word Press
  • Sugar CRM
  • Host Bill

5a. Freshdesk Con

One customer complained that the UX (user experience) was challenging to operate and didn’t look attractive. The UX is one of the most important features of any software. Remember when checking out a helpdesk software, you want high functionality and usability as well as good looks. Simply looking attractive won’t be enough if customers and employees can’t easily accomplish the tasks they need to accomplish. The same can be said if you have a really great helpdesk in terms of usability but it looks dull or confusing.

5b. Vision Helpdesk Solution

Vision Helpdesk has an attractive interface and provides an easy to use experience for users. Extract data, organize your tickets, manage problems and incidents all with a few clicks.

As you can tell, finding the best helpdesk solution for your company is critical. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to accomplish your goals as effectively as possible. At Vision Helpdesk, we have thought of every angle for our customers. We realize you are busy managing the business and need a helpdesk that will work with you not against you. That’s why we provide a comprehensive alternative to Freshdesk. Connect with us today for more information about our innovative software package.

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