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First step towards Start-Up Survival..

First Step for Customer Support

Any time is a good time to start a company – Ron Conway.

If you have a clear vision and dedication to start a new company then surely you can achieve it. When one thinks of starting of a new business then it can be very exciting and a dream come true for them. Everyone wants to see their business reaching the pinnacle of success which requires constant hard work, efforts, dedication and determination from their side. But the reality is bit different when you actually enter the business world. Everyone is caught in the rat-race and they want to see their business in the top. It is like survival of the fittest for them! It really becomes difficult for the start-ups to cope up with these circumstances.

Major challenges faced by the start-ups:

There are various problems that start-ups have to face at initial stages. Some of them are stated below:

1) Funding Problems:
The major problem that start-up face is lack of cash! It can be considered as one of the toughest challenge for them. Also it becomes difficult for them to convince the investors and banks for the same. And it becomes very difficult to get the credit from the banks. It is one of the main obstacle that is restraining them to start up with the new business.

2) Unaware about the marketing strategies:
Since the start-ups are new to the business, they are unaware of the marketing strategies. Also the cost associated with the marketing and advertising can be expensive. So marketing also requires certain investments that are not possible for them at initial stages.

3) Pressurized:
There is a high risk of failure at first two years of operations, so they are always under pressure. There are times when they need to borrow money from family and friends. So this even makes them depressed at times.

4) Lack of Employees:
Many of the small businesses and start-ups cannot afford many employees or full time employees. So the entrepreneurs need to carry out many of the operations on their own. Hence operating the entire business solely cannot be considered as the wise decision. It may even lead to certain delays for your business.

5) Lack of Planning:
Since start-ups are new to the business world, they are unaware of business strategies and also business plans. If there is a proper business planning then they can secure funding and attract many investors.

Why 3 out of 4 start-ups fail?

Do we know the real reason or cause why out of 4, 3 start-ups fail? And what will be the reason for that 1 start-up to be successful and other 3 to be unsuccessful. There can be many causes for the failure of any of the start-ups but one of the important reasons according to us can be lack of customer support service. If you want to survive in this business world or if you want to compete with others then surely you need to provide with the best customer support. Concentrating on providing good customer service to the customers should be given priority.

Many of the start-ups think that they can excel in their business if they attract more and more new customers. They forget about their existing customers. If they provide a proper customer service to the existing customers then surely these customers will tell well about them to others. So the growth factor depends upon the Existing customers as well as the New customers.

In order to provide with the good customer service there is a need to have the central software. Help desk software can be considered as the important factor for customer support service. When start-ups have the help desk then scaling becomes very easy, adding staff becomes simpler and all this can be managed at one central place. Solving the customer issues also becomes very simple.

There are many people with very different thinking. They feel that:

  • Cost involved in help desk is very high.
  • Installation is very difficult
  • Managing of help desk software is tedious.

So they stick to their old- school methods and they get the same old results for it. They do not provide a proactive support to the customers. They still use these old traditional methods for rendering the support to the customers.

There is a saying,

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Joel Osteen.

This is very true! You cannot expect to provide with the good customer service using the same old traditional methods. There should be a proper evaluation of the help desk software that you feel is good for your business. Depending on the requirement of your business you can opt for the SaaS license or Download License. It does not require any of the technical expertise. The cost is also based on the usage, so the cost factor decreases due to this. There are also certain companies that offer discounts to start-ups as they cannot afford much during their initial stages.

Despite of the challenges and hurdles faced by the Start-up companies, We feel customer service is something that will help you to survive in this business world without investing much. A good customer service and your hard work will surely be the stepping stone for your success!

Megha JadhavFirst step towards Start-Up Survival..
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