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Still following your old-school customer support methods? Time to change!

old customer support methods

Technology plays a very vital role in transforming the businesses and taking it into a different level. If you want to survive in this business world then surely advanced technologies will help
you to attain it. But many of the people in this world are still of a very different views. They are still happy with their old-school methods.

Old-school methods:

  • Using traditional email clients for their businesses, non centralized approach.
  • Not using different channels like Social Media to provide customer support to the customers.
  • Hardly using proactive support to provide a good customer support.
  • No analytic or reports.

This thing was best understood by me when I met one of my school friend in an event. He was running a business which required a good customer support. But I was really shocked and also amazed to know that he was following the same old methods to provide customer support to his customers. He was so adamant in his beliefs that it was very difficult to change his mind. This problem is faced not only by my friend but I believe there are many more in this world with the same wrong belief.

Misconception of adapting to new technologies:

Due to mind set of such people there are certain misconceptions that they believe in. There are certain wrong beliefs that they follow. And they also want others to be of the same point of view. They try to show that they are very happy with their methods, anyone who tries to correct them is considered as stupid. Some of their misconceptions are as stated below.

1) Rigid nature:

It is indeed human nature to make wrong predictions and perceive wrong things. Many of the people are not familiar with the software systems. So it is obvious that they don’t know to implement or use it in their businesses. The people who do not have the proper knowledge will often try to find ways to get rid of it. So they are never satisfied with the help desk software.

2) Cost:

Startup company find it difficult to pay a large amount for the help desk software. Most of them are even confused that whether it will be able to meet the needs and requirements of their business. So they are bit hesitant to pay for the help desk software. There are many of the help desk software where pricing is based on per staff agent. Hence some of the people can make false predictions of help desk software to be expensive due to pricing based on per staff agent.

3) Time Consuming:

Due to rigid and lazy behavior of some of the people they will never take pains to learn new things and to understand the help desk software properly. When you have purchased the help desk software for your business, it requires your dedication and commitment to understand it properly. Hence many of the people with such tendency will consider it to be very time consuming and tedious.

Replacement of old-school methods:

Overcoming all the above limitations there was a need to replace the old-school methods. These limitations were overcome by Help desk software. The purpose of having the help desk software is for the proper and smooth working of any business and also to provide the customers with information and support related to the company’s products and services and also easing their work. These additional features will surely help your business to progress and to provide with a good customer support.

1) Centralized Communication:

If one is using the same old-school methods such as traditional emails then there is no centralized communication that is established between the support person and the client. Also there is no history and report generated. Help desk software helps to establish a centralized database. So there is no one to one communication that takes place between them. There are number of ways using which the tickets can be managed properly.

2) Reaching out to more and more people:

Customers are now free to put forth their issues using different channels. It becomes convenient for the customers and also the staff members to resolve the queries of the clients. It helps to manage different channels at one place thus reaching out to all the people and thus easing their work.

3) Proactive support:

Help desk software helps to provide proactive support to all the customers. So the support team is always prepared and ready to provide with the support to the customers. The customer need not wait for their issues to get resolved. The support team is always there to provide with a good customer support.

4) Proper Analytic or Reporting tool:

It helps to provide a proper analytic so the reports can be generated easily. If there is proper analytic then it helps for the proper planning.

There are additional features that are as mentioned below:

5) Timely response to the customers:

Using SLA (Service Level Agreement) you are able to give timely response to the queries raised by the customers in timely manner. Thus it allows for the proper management of time!

6) Predefined replies and Knowledgebase suggestions:

Whenever the customers come with any of the issue to the support team then they expect an instant reply from them. Thus the predefined replies are very useful to the support person to give instant reply at that time. Whenever the ticket is submitted by the client then it displays the knowledge-base articles according to the subject. Thus they can decide whether the queries put forth by them is answered or they should proceed further with the ticket submission.

7) Proper Staff Management:

It also helps for the proper management of the staff members and also the clients. The staff members are categorized accordingly thus according to this there are different access rights that are given to them. Thus it helps for the proper staff management.

8) Proper Client Management:

It becomes easy and also possible to manage number of customers at one place. There is a central point that is provided to manage them. Thus uniformity is maintained for each of the customers. Thus it helps for the proper client management.

The list is not still over and it goes on…

People need dedication and also a desire to understand the latest technologies. They should be ready to adapt new technologies. This is possible only if the mindset of the people is changed. There is a saying, “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy!”- Saadi. When you become familiar with the new technologies then surely you will consider it to be a boon for your business!

Vision HelpdeskStill following your old-school customer support methods? Time to change!
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