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Help Desk Software: Simplify Your Life

simplify life with help desk

If you are a small business owner you may often feel overwhelmed with the number of things you must keep track of. You probably realize that excellent customer support is key to a successful business, but may often find yourself struggling just to get the basic day-to-day tasks finished, let alone provide your customers with the support they deserve.

For this reason, many businesses are turning to our help desk software. While this software is useful to businesses of all shapes and sizes, small business owners may find it particularly helpful. The limited staff and small budget found in small businesses can make wonderful customer service seem like a distant dream. Because good customer service is so crucial to the success of a business, it is important that it is not pushed to the side. This is where Vision Help Desk steps in to assist. Our software can simplify all the customer service aspects of your business and neatly tie them together, making customer service a streamlined and organized part of your business.

Our Help Desk software makes your business life easier in many ways. Here are a few things we can do to help organize the customer service department for your company.

Let Customers Help Themselves

By providing your customers with a responsive self-service portal and intuitive place to find answers on their own you can reduce the number of support tickets you receive, ultimately saving your business time, and therefore, money. Most people do search for answers before asking for help, and many people prefer to help themselves and eliminate the need to wait for an answer. A self-service portal puts these things in the palms of your guests’ hands.

Make Use of the Ticket System

By using our software to automatically create a ticket for every phone call, email, and social media post from every customer, you are creating a virtual to-do list that is easy to read and follow. In this way, nothing becomes put off and forgotten, thereby reducing customer complaints and prevents tickets from escalating into more complicated and difficult-to-resolve situations.

This process also provides you with a wonderful backlog which you can refer to when making important business decisions or when a particular query needs to be recalled. Having a record of customer questions, problems, and reactions can be extremely helpful in many situations, and can make your work more efficient, providing you with a quick and easy way to pull up most common complaints and questions or other old tickets that may answer questions you have now.

Simplify Delegation

By customizing certain settings in the software, you can have tickets sent directly to the correct employee or department. This reduces customer wait time, and eliminates the delegation process. If you are a small business owner, the task of delegating jobs is likely yours, so this feature would simplify your job quite a bit.

Additionally, the task management portion of our software allows you to assign employees tasks and allows employees to update the progress of their work. Tasks can be prioritized, assigned start- and end-dates, and commented on by both employees and yourself. All of these things create a streamlined system in which all tasks are neatly organized and can be seen together in such a way that makes sense.

Make Work Fun

The help desk gamification aspect of our help desk software provides your employees with incentives to get things done. This has been proven to help keep employees motivated and efficient, ensuring they get their work done so you can do yours. Besides, a happy work place makes for happy employees, and happy employees provide the best customer service.

Eliminate Meetings

Meetings are usually dreaded by all involved. You can get rid of those boring meetings and replace them with a productive and efficient alternative that will help your employees stay connected and on the same page by allowing them to ask questions and communicate quickly and easily whenever necessary.

This alternative is called Blabby – staff collaboration and is a wonderful addition to our help desk software. Your employees will appreciate this one, and it will save you time that may have otherwise been spent in meetings or typing out long emails.

Communicate With Anyone

If you are running an online business you are potentially working with people from all over the world.

You can easily overcome language barriers with the Vision Help Desk Software’s multi-language capabilities. Both the customer and the staff portal can easily be translated to and from the world’s most common languages. This capability opens up the doors for you to do business with anyone in the world and prevents you from doing the extra leg-work when it comes to translation.

Receive Valuable Customer Feedback

The help desk survey feature is an invaluable tool when used correctly. Instead of waiting around to hear what customers have to say about your company — which they may never do – you can simply ask for their opinion by sending them a professional and to-the-point survey. Use the feedback received to further improve your business and save yourself the time you may have spent waiting around for a review and scouring the internet for the newest reviews to extract feedback from.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways our software-as-a-service (SaaS) help desk tools can help you simplify your life and create a stress-free customer service experience on both ends. If you would like to give this software a try, you can try it for free for 30 days!

Vision Helpdesk: Simplify Your Life

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Megha JadhavHelp Desk Software: Simplify Your Life
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