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How Companies Can Benefit from Using Help Desk Ticketing Software

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Customers are more impatient today than they have ever been. Chat support for customers offers immense benefits – but only when it is well executed. With the right tools, every request from a customer receives a prompt answer.

Help desk ticketing software handles two portals: one for customers, and the other for staff. Every customer request generates a ticket with its own unique ID. Customers can follow all the responses to their request using the ticket number and staff can do the same. When a customer sends in a request via email, the software converts it into a ticket, categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns it to an agent who can then respond.

This process can help businesses provide better customer service. Read on to learn more about how your company can benefit from Help desk ticketing software.

ID Customer Complaints and Requests

By assigning a unique ticket number to each customer request, help desk software helps staff to name each complaint and to track its progress until the end. It also gives the customer a reference number that they can use later. It is possible to split tickets if a customer needs help with more than one request, or to merge tickets if the same request comes up more than once. This protects the company from inefficiency. The software can also link any related requests.


Your agents can have a very productive conversation with customers if they have the right context. A ticketing system enables staff to respond to customers in the context of their earlier responses. If someone had made a request last week, you can respond to them in light of that earlier request. Perhaps the customer wanted to order an item, you can respond to them when the item is available. Customers will appreciate not having to explain something more than once. Customers worry about how long they have to wait and if they’ll have to answer the same questions more than once. Conversations with customers are more effortless when there is context.

Categorize Customer Requests

A good Help Desk Ticketing software goes beyond merely identifying customer complaints to actually categorizing them using a simple but effective tree structure. It allows staff to assign each ticket a company, department, and ticket status. This ensures that the right people respond to the customer. Satellite Help Desk Software is ideal for providing help desk support to multiple companies.

Integrate Customer Requests

Satellite Help Desk Ticketing Software has multi-channel features that integrate customer requests from multiple channels. Customer care can respond promptly to requests coming in from Facebook, email, phone and twitter all on one platform. All of them fall into one inbox. It also provides a visual of your statistics. You can learn where more of your requests are coming in from as well. This makes it easy to manage customer care from different channels without having to man each account or create bots for each. People generally expect quick responses. Most will not wait more than five minutes before deciding that your service is wanting.

Customers expect to get the same support on social media that they would get calling or chatting on your website. With a proper help desk ticketing software, you can deliver a uniform customer care experience. Have Facebook and Twitter fully supported at a minimum.

Preventing Agent Collision

To avoid the awkwardness of multiple customer care agents simultaneously responding to a query, help desk software allows staff to ‘lock’ a ticket that they are working on. The lock feature lets other staff members know that someone is already working on it. Customers can get confused when two people respond to the same ticket.

Automated Workflow

Help desk ticketing software creates an automated workflow according to set criteria. The system can assign an action for each ticket according to its nature or category. Any repetitive business tasks are shortened and automated for the sake of efficiency. With an automated workflow, there is less room for human mistakes.

Log Time

Help desk software uses the timer on each ticket to record the amount of time that agents spend working on each complaint. They can also record billable time with a billing note attached to the ticket. It also provides a time tracking report, showing how much time went into serving each client.

Solve Internal Issues

Our help desk ticketing software isn’t just for customers. It is possible to create a ticket that is not attached to a customer by creating an Internal Ticket. An internal ticket is a note to another agent giving information or assigning a task. Other staff members will act on it just as they would act on a customer ticket. Use internal tickets to raise issues without necessarily using email. Internal tickets are only visible to other customer service agents. They cannot be seen by other users.

Block Spammers

To protect your help desk from spammers, customer care agents using help desk ticketing software can ban some customers from submitting tickets or mark their tickets as spam. Too much spam wastes time and resources. Help desk ticketing software gives customer service agents the power to ban spammers.


Customers using your help desk software can rate their experience with you. These ratings give valuable information for improving your services. Within the customer portal, customers give ratings and reviews. Both the customers and the customer service managers can use the tickets to check how good their customer service is. People read reviews before buying anything. Customer service staff can learn more about their customers from reading customer reviews. Customers are more willing to pay a higher price when they consider the service “excellent”. Use the feedback to consistently deliver an excellent service.

Overall, help desk ticketing software is a good investment for any business. Today’s customer want to have access to your company’s customer service team and they are not willing to wait too long for a response. In short, customers want to know that they matter to your company. We would love to talk with you about your customers and how we can help you reach them. Please contact us for more information.

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Megha JadhavHow Companies Can Benefit from Using Help Desk Ticketing Software
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