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How to Win By Using ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software

ITIL service desk Software

ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a very powerful tool. Did you know it was possible to combine a customer service help desk with the power of ITIL/ITSM? Our ITIL/ ITSM service desk software can benefit your company in many ways. Curious to find out why ITIL is becoming the industry standard for organizations around the globe? Here are some ways your company can succeed using ITIL/ITSM service desk software.

ITIL/ITSM Service Desks Can Help Manage Your IT Assets Better

The ability to manage your company’s IT is very important. An ITIL/ITSM customer service desk can monitor your technical assets in one convenient software. For example, if your company offers a large catalog of products and services, you can access information about each one in the system. The advanced technology can document important contracts and information about your suppliers.

Our ITIL/ITSM software includes a module for your financial data. Its financial accounting reports can predict total expenses, calculate depreciation, and book value.

A configuration management database also contains everything you would need to know about its location, status, and inter-connectivity. It is easier to understand how your company’s IT assets are produced, maintained, and disposed of with ITIL / ITSM.

ITIL/ITSM Service Desks Can Serve Multiple Locations and Languages

Is your company international? Do you serve customers in more than one country? If so, our ITIL/ITSM service desk software can help your company succeed. The software allows you to manage service desks anywhere in the world. Agents can adjust the location, time zone, and language according to their preference. This means your customer service agents can communicate and resolve help desk tickets with agents in multiple countries using one system. Your customers will also be happy because you will be able to provide support in their native language when they need it most.

Use ITIL/ITSM To Improve Strategic Decisions

Many organizations use ITIL to create and monitor their knowledge-base. For example, your company can create a self-service portal that allows customers to help themselves. Our software also includes an area where customers can post questions and others can respond with different answers. ITIL can also allow you to upload documents and other files that customers can download. A staff supported internal knowledge base can give customers the assistance they need from your knowledgeable customer service agents.

Proactive Problem Management due to ITIL/ITSM

Unfortunately, many companies solve problems after an event instead of finding ways to prevent them. ITIL/ITSM can amplify your ability to identify potential problems and manage them in a proactive way. Customers will appreciate it when your company focuses on their needs and tries to prevent incidents.

ITIL/ITSM Can Improve Your Ability to Manage Incidents

ITIL/ITSM help desk software can also improve your ability to manage incidents. Incidents can occur when customers experience a service failure or interruption. ITIL can help managers identify, analyze, and correct these situations so it is less likely to happen in the future.

Managers can also establish policies for how to respond to escalated issues. First, they can use the software to identify and report the incident. Based on what happened, agents can prioritize them according to importance. Then your employees can look into the incident and find out the root cause of the problem. After the incident is registered in the system and diagnosed to explain further symptoms that occurred afterward, your agents can work on resolving the issue. The incident can be escalated to different departments depending on its priority and categorization. Finally, it can be registered and recorded in the system for documentation.

This process will benefit your customer service agents because they will know how to handle difficult situations in a consistent and professional manner. The policies can also save them time since customer service agents won’t have to search for the right protocol to resolve an issue.

Easily Document Changes with ITIL/ITSM

It is critical for many companies to have a change management policy. One simple way to do this is to document change through a Request for Change. A Request for Change can reveal accurate and timely information about when a change occurred. It can also show who was responsible for the change and other details. Managers and business owners can also use the tool to understand if a change was successful or not. A Request for Change can also make it easier for decision makers to track certain changes or trends and identify potential threats.

Encourage Employees to Get More Involved with Implementing ITIL/ITSM

You can use ITSM in many business departments, from accounting to marketing. When you are trying to utilize ITIL, try to encourage employees to get involved in the process. After all, it is important to keep them engaged on a regular basis so they can understand how it is being implemented. Studies show that people tend to resist change if they feel they were excluded from the key decision-making process.

Recognize How ITIL/ITSM Can Impact A Customer Service Department

Most IT professionals only focus on the technical aspects and don’t consider how ITIL/ITSM can impact your customer’s experience. You can use ITIL to find out what is important to your customers and work on improving your level of service. Many companies implement technical improvements with a “Top-Down” approach. With that viewpoint, senior executives and other decision makers are the central focus of every decision. However, your company can encourage lasting, effective change by using the “Bottom-Up” approach that focuses on your customers instead.

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Megha JadhavHow to Win By Using ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software
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