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How To Convince Your Staff To Use Help Desk Solution

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Today’s IT environment is changing rapidly and so are the customers. Customers have become highly demanding and are looking for ways to get the best solution without spending much time and money. Due to high level expectations of customers, help desk agents get bombarded with calls and mails when a customer faces issues or needs instant assistance. This often leads to queued calls or missed calls.

Help desk solutions are really essential, as they help people solve such issues with ease. Having a help desk system as a single point of contact allows the technical staff to do with job without being interrupted. Moreover, the right help desk software will help you collect data for further analysis.

If you have already invested in a help desk solution,it might be a good idea toconsider the best ways to encourage its adoption by your staff. Below are some effective ways to convince your people use help desk solutions and improve client utilization.

1. Choose the technology that is easy-to-use

The ease-of-use has become a standard for help desk software these days. Today, it has become a benchmark for a new piece of technology, even if it is for customer support. The easier technology your technology is, the less training will be required to make your staff efficient to use it. Buy the help desk software that is easy-to-use and your staff will have no reason to resist it.

2. Educate your staff about help desk policy in place

Let the staff know that the help desk system has an easy process to have all the information documented and it follows a well-organized manner. Communicate the staff that they can resolve the issues with ease by creating ticket in the help desk system. This will not only help them resolve customer issues, but will also provide instant resolution to the customers.

3. Develop a help desk open house

Help desk open house is a great way to get feedback on your work and know what exactly your customers want. Your customers will know that you are ready to bring changes in customer support and ready to adopt new technology that improves customer experience. Your help desk agents will be compelled to work on the software with increasing number of tickets.

4. Communicate, communicate and communicate

Communicating with end users will help you accomplish the task of convincing them. The best way is to interact with end users as well as your staff. Once your staff is convinced, you can easily convince the end users. Make sure that none of your staff is working without a job ticket. Stand firm and enforce this policy to make sure that they use help desk software.

5. Internal support website

Companies should try using knowledge base to train new folks. Additionally, create an internal support website that includes links to log into the Help Desk, training, downloadable resources, FAQs and many other resources. Look for ways to communicate information as not all people learn the same way. Be sure to remain flexible and let the staff enjoy their job.

6. Reward & Praise

Reward and praise the ones who are using help desk solution in your company. This will motivate and engage the others who don’t use help desk. For example – You can give a gift card for the 1st end user to submit a ticket post. Be sure to help the non-technical users through the first tickets and give them lot of encouragement for their efforts to use the software.

7. Make help desk software a “must or recommended” rather than an option

Most of the users tend to call help desk agents for help rather than using help desk solutions like – self-service portals, multi-channel solution etc. Due to this the number of calls to help desk increases, which eventually increases load on help desk agents. It is better to recommend people use the facilities provided by help desk solutions and make it clear that these are the preferred methods and they issues are resolved only if they raise a ticket.

Remember that everybody in IT department faces challenges while using help desk software. Be patient and consistent in responding to the request for end user to open help desk ticket. By implementing a structured support, process, you are doing a great thing for your company. From customer’s point of view, they don’t care what system you use as long as their issues are resolved effectively in a timely manner. But, it is a big deal for internal staff as it helps them provide better support.

Help desks can be implemented in many ways and you can fulfill the needs of end user by following the best practices in the Help Desk. Help desk software will not only meet the requirements of end user, but will enable the company to linkup the strategic areas within the company. In short, help desk is one of the essential components that enable the company to meet their strategic goals.

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Megha JadhavHow To Convince Your Staff To Use Help Desk Solution
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