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IT Asset Management Software & Help Desk Software

IT Asset Management Software & Help Desk Software

Over the course of many years, there have been a variety of loose interpretations of the meaning of IT asset management. To be honest, “asset management” has a variety of meanings depending on who the audience is.
When we are discussing asset management in the IT world, we are generally mentioning the assets that allow the IT side of the business to operate. In many cases, the technology assets may not be completely controlled by IT because companies are equipped with technology and software that supports the integration and development of a product that is being used to help the business run more smoothly.

IT asset management means having the ability to fully account for each and every piece of software and hardware that is part of an organization’s IT foundation. While you may not know the serial numbers on every keyboard in your office, but you do know you will have a specific number of keyboards when you need to replace someone’s keyboard. You know how many keyboards you have available because you make sure you update your organization’s IT asset management system to reflect the number of supplies and hardware you have available.

IT asset management is a critical job, and it is also critical to avoid spending a significant amount of money. It is also important that you keep your organization’s security as firm as possible. If anyone fails to report missing or lost equipment, your organization could lose critical and valuable data. Critical data can also be placed in the wrong hands and data can be misused.

IT Asset Management Software & Help Desk Software

In many organizations, the IT asset management software and the help desk software are separated. However, when IT asset management software and help desk software are working together, security will be improved and operations will run more smoothly and efficiently. When you know what your employees are currently using and what you have available in your storage room, you will be able to keep all your IT assets safe and accounted for.

When your organization combines your IT asset management software with your help desk software, multiple operations will become more efficient and streamlined. What will happen if a person submits a help desk ticket about a computer that will not function? By using the help desk software, you will be able to look up the computer that has been assigned to that specific user? You will quickly have access to key pieces of information about the computer. You will have access to various types of information, and you will have access to all this information from one interface. The process of resolving all of your help desk tickets will be streamlined, and this will make the process of purchasing new equipment easier than it has been in the past.

Separate Software For The Help Desk And IT Asset Management 

What will happen when IT asset management software and help desk software are not integrated? If IT asset management software is not combined with IT help desk software, multiple efforts can be completed more than once. If someone submits a ticket to the help desk that a computer is not functioning properly and the asset management software is not combined with the help desk software, the help desk agents will have to ask multiple questions about the specifications of the computer. This will increase the time it will take to address the issue. You can save a significant amount of time by incorporated IT asset management software into IT help desk software.

IT asset management is essential for maintaining a high level of security and ensuring your organization’s resources are being properly used. When your organization has an effective IT asset management software and a productive IT asset management team, you will be able to wipe a device clean once it has been reported stolen or lost. You will also be able to avoid the unnecessary purchases of new computers and other equipment because you will know that you have unused computers in storage that can be used by new employees.

When you effectively incorporate IT asset management into your organization’s help desk software, your help desk agents will have information about the location of the assets and the specifications of the assets. Your help desk agents will be able to deploy any solution more quickly because the critical pieces of information will be right in front of them. Your help desk agents will no longer have to waste time trying to find this information and all the resources will be used in a more efficient manner.

Many organizations have decided to move more of their operations to the cloud, and their choice in help desk software has not been an exception. Many organizations find that cloud-based help desk software that also uses IT asset management resources will give them an improved ability to resolve more IT problems without having to worry about misplacing hardware or losing track of them.

Multiple functions can be accomplished from one main location rather than having to take the time to install software on multiple computers of your IT team members. Another great thing about cloud-based help desk software is that you will automatically have the latest updates and patches, and this will significantly improve and enhance your security.

We are sure you are aware of how much IT operating expenses have increased over the past few years; these increases in expenses can have a major impact on your organization’s bottom line. If you are using a cloud solution that will combine help desk software and IT asset management software, you will have a resource that will allow you to do the following:

  • keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently
  • keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure
  • ensure that all hardware and supplies will be accounted for

If you are ready to use your time wisely, deploy solutions faster than you have in the past, and efficiently use all of your resources more efficiently, now is the perfect time to learn more about IT asset management software.

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