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Streamline Business With ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software

ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software

If you manage a growing business then you know how important running an efficient workplace is. It’s especially important where the IT systems are concerned. From the hardware and software to the databases and servers, everything needs to be operational for you to be productive. That’s why ITIL/ITSM service desk software is a big boost for any business. A service desk provides a centralized hub around which many IT activities can center. It serves as an activity center that facilitates and streamlines many of the tasks that businesses do on a regular basis.

How does ITIL/ITSM service desk software benefit your business? Here are five ways:


Whenever something goes wrong with any of the IT systems, it is a problem. It’s an even greater problem if there isn’t smooth incident management. Incident management differs from problem management in this way: Incidents are indicators that something deeper is going on with your IT system. In other words, it’s like symptoms of a root problem, which hasn’t been identified. For example, if staff emails are not going through that is a problem in one sense, but in the IT world, it is an incident. It’s an incident because 1) it may be occurring to several people or in several departments and 2) it indicates that something deeper is wrong, like a server is down. It’s important to differentiate between incident and problem management.

ITIL/ITSM service desk software helps manage incidents by providing a framework for reporting, prioritizing, tracking, and assigning these issues. More importantly is the ability of the system to link the related incidents together. In the end, you have a more streamlined process for handling them. In addition, if this incident occurs again, there is information advising you how to solve the issue. A service desk helps you easily search for the information using filters and advanced search features.


Once you realize that incidents are popping up in your IT infrastructure, you will want to get it resolved as quickly as possible. However, solving the incidents is just the first step in managing the entire problem. Problem management seeks to bring a total solution to the issue. That’s why it’s helpful to have a service desk software that focuses on problem management. Every incident can be traced to a root problem, which when solved will make future issues easier to handle.

With the help of service desk software, once a problem is detected, it can be effortlessly linked it to all the associated incidents. This helps prevent future reoccurrences. In addition, the problems will also attach to CI’s, be categorized for easier searching, and stored in the information database for retrieval.


Introducing change into the workplace can be fraught with difficulties if you don’t have the tools like change management to make a seamless transition. For one thing, not everyone may understand the implications or costs of a proposed change unless it’s clearly documented. This can lead to some stakeholders not being on board. However, with a service desk, you can collaborate with your colleagues about IT needs within the organization and document the costs, benefits, risks, and so on. This allows everyone to analyze the data and come to the best decision. Furthermore, the data can be used as a proposal to convince those in charge to sign on to the changes. With the aid of a service help desk, you can create a Change Advisory Board (CAB), who will all have access to the dashboard. Your team can login and review the information, input new information when applicable, and track the progress. This helps facilitate the change in your organization more smoothly. In addition, you will have access to reporting functions so that your decisions are backed up by data


When you prepare to release any new IT developments into the workplace, you want things to go seamlessly. This is not the time to experiment with new software releases if you don’t have the service desk software to facilitate the move. Bringing in new hardware can prove to be a bumpy ride too if the rollout isn’t up to par. A help desk aids in all phases of the release process. Work with your CAB in assigning tasks, gaining approvals, building the plan, and testing the plan. You can also prioritize the release status and view progress notes. This allows all members to be on the same page when the release is implemented. more about release management in details.


Your assets include more than just your hardware such as computers and printers. Assets also involve software, servers, maintenance, and all the intangible aspects that go into operating your IT infrastructure. Time saved on faster systems translates to money saved. That means you have more assets. The systems that run more efficiently are saving you time and thus saving you money, too. Therefore, when looking at the bigger financial picture in asset management, you will need to have an idea how efficient each component of your IT infrastructure is. For example, if office A is using hardware and software that results in the employee taking 20% longer to complete the job than it does for the employee in office B because they use different equipment, then this factors into your overall assets. ITIL/ITSM service desk software will help you track and manage your assets. You will be able to see the relationship between the various items, how they affect each other, and their impact on incidents. This provides you with powerful data to make the best decisions for investing time and resources.

With the development of help desk technology, your business can find effective solutions for its IT infrastructure. This helps create a streamlined workplace, which means you get more done. As you accomplish more, you have the ability to earn more profits. ITIL/ITSM service desk software is your business’s answer for maximized productivity. At Vision Helpdesk, we offer innovative asset management solutions for managing all of your IT issues. For more information about our software solution, connect with us today.

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Megha JadhavStreamline Business With ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software
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