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Make Chaos into Order with Online Help Desk Software

online help desk software

The customer service systems of days gone by can no longer keep up with the demands of business. Now, people aren’t willing to wait on the phone for a half an hour or send emails into a black hole and hope for a response.

Instead, they want instant acknowledgement of their query and fast answers. They also want to be able to contact your company through a variety of media, and have your staff be able to find records of all of their other communication on the same issue.

Meeting these demands requires modernizing your support system. The best way to do this is to start with our online help desk software. Here are some of the many benefits this software provides for your company, your staff, and your customers:

Integration of Multiple Support Channels

One of the biggest problems faced by today’s companies is handling situations where one customer uses multiple channels to seek support about a single issue. He might submit a help ticket one day, get impatient and call a few hours later, and finally, email you. With old-fashioned systems, this often results in three different teams trying to fix the same problem. Chaos arrives when all three teams apply different changes, undo each other’s work, or simply have different understandings of the issue.

Eliminate this chaos by using our online help desk software. The software will integrate all of the customer’s queries into a single stream so everyone involved in working on the problem can see what has already been done. With this system, you can eliminate the practice of having separate teams for each channel. This, in turn, eliminates the confusion that would otherwise stymie the resolution process.

Organize Help Requests

Old-fashioned support departments are often plagued by a simple lack of organization. You can read top reasons why ticket management software is better than email communication. With our software, you can get rid of forgettable paper notes or word-of-mouth assignments. Instead, enter everything into the software so your staff can see exactly what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and how it should be done. With all of the relevant data logged permanently into the system, there’s no need to worry about losing papers or forgetting what was said.

Eliminate the Black Hole Effect

One of customers’ biggest fears is that nobody reads their emails or support ticket. Often, a simple automatic response is all it takes to eliminate the worst of these fears. Our system will send one out whenever a new ticket is made or updated, whether through the online interface or by email. This lets customers know that their message at least got through and is in the queue. All you need to do to maintain this trust is attend to the ticket within a reasonable time frame.

Allow Customers to Fix Their Own Problems

Many customers would rather attempt to fix their own problems rather than wait for support of any kind. You can make this far easier for them by providing a knowledge base. Thanks to the all-encompassing nature of our software, you don’t need special knowledge base software to go with it.

Providing an effective knowledge base requires you to have a good platform. It also requires a library of articles that are written so that the average person can understand them. If you take the time to set this up well, you’ll see a decrease in support tickets and increased customer satisfaction.

The only caveat is that your staff should be sure not to refer people to the knowledge base if they’ve written or called in for support. Those who explicitly seek your direct help are trying to avoid having to figure it out for themselves. In short, make it possible for customers to serve themselves, but don’t force them to do so. This way, everyone gets the level of service they want and will come away from the experience happy.

Provide 24/7 Service

Internet-savvy customers believe that the concept of a company closing is archaic and useless. They don’t stop using your software or service after a certain time of the day, so they need support at all hours. Provide that service and meet their expectations of modern operating habits.

Doing this doesn’t require having people stay in the office all night and day. Instead, have key people use our mobile service app. This app allows personnel to log in and provide help from anywhere they can get a data connection. Customers will never know that your night staff is one or two people who are sitting at home, and you won’t have to pay the overhead of keeping an entire building lit and temperature-controlled during the off hours.

Handle Internal Issues

When all key personnel have access to our help desk software, it’s easy for you to use it to disseminate information, discuss practices or changes, and keep abreast of new releases of your product. This eliminates the need for time-consuming meetings or passing out paper memos. Eliminating meetings is especially important for companies that have remote staff or that have people working on different shifts.

Using our software to do this is easy thanks to our specialized modules meant to facilitate this process. We have units for solution, incident, and knowledgeable management as well as ones for change management and release management. These modules allow our software to be a true solution for these needs.

To learn more about our online help desk software, signup for 30 days online help desk free trial, or buy a license, just contact us. We’ll be happy to help you bring your company into the modern age.

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Megha JadhavMake Chaos into Order with Online Help Desk Software
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