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Multi-Company Live Chat Software: What it is and Its Benefits?

Live Chat Software

Customer communication is a critical aspect of business growth in the ever-growing e-commerce landscape. Businesses must implement strategies that enable them to respond to customer inquiries

and feedback and help them create rapport, keep up with the competition, and improve customer experience.

Embedding Live Chat Software on a company’s e-commerce site is one of the ways that businesses can attain these goals. This article provides insights into Live Chat Software, its key features, and benefits in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software is a secure web-based platform that allows customers to engage business support teams via a chat function embedded on its websites. The software supports real-time engagement, customer query submission, and chat traffic filtration, which helps reduce staff workload and provide answers to some of the company’s Frequently Asked Questions, thus improving the company’s brand positioning.

Features of Live Chat Software

Satellite/Multi-company Live chat software offers various features to organization support teams and customers.

  • The Live Chat Software offers a Live Chat Automation feature, which helps organizations escalate and automate the communication process. The Auto Assign features allow support teams to curate and automatically send feedback on customer requests, route chat to support teams, and allow equal distribution of customer chats among the support staff for efficient response.
  • Ability to integrate with existing CRM. Our software connects support staff with client historical data, which helps them maintain valuable context to improve the interaction for relevant feedback.
  • The software has a Canned Response feature which allows the support teams to access CRM databases and offer timely feedback with just one click.
  • The Chat Widget feature helps improve the website aesthetics by matching the chat interface with the existing website themes, welcome messages, and logo design colors.
  • Additionally, the software provides a Report Function that offers an overview of the client chats, ratings, and agent productivity for efficient management.

Benefits of using Live Chat Software

Live chat is one of the preferred ways to improve communication between customers and organizations due to its convenience. With the increased business digitization processes, the utmost value is derived from the efficiency with which organizations respond to customer concerns. Beyond efficiency and convenience, other benefits of our Live Chat Software include:

1. Customer Experience Improvement

Customers appreciate a timely and efficient response. Our Live Chat Software allows support teams to receive and respond to customer queries faster than options such as email response, thus improving brand positions.

2. Onboarding

Live Chat Software provides businesses with a platform for engaging customers, both new and prospective clients. This allows sales personnel to convert visitors into buyers by providing them with the information needed, which builds trust and accelerates customer acquisition and onboarding.

3. Multi-Company Support

Live Chat Software supports unified customer communication management as it can be used in more than one brand, product, or organization.

4. Chat Automation

Chat automation quickens the response and communication process through its criteria-based workflows that Round Robin rules, which helps save time by reducing repetition. It aggregates historical interaction data, customizes email templates, and sends timely feedback.

5. Boosts Support Teams’ Productivity and Improves Customer Engagement.

The Live Chat Software improves customer support productivity by reducing the workload through the automation process.

6. Offers 24/7 Support.

Live Chat Software incorporates a virtual agent which provides automated responses to customers’ Frequently Asked Questions and redirects query to actual staff when deemed necessary, irrespective of the time.

Key Takeaway

Integration of online support is an integral business aspect. Our Live Chat Software uses a combination of resources, support team skills, and time to provide businesses with unique features that support teams and customers with seamless communication.

To optimize your CRM and experience the capability of our Live Chat Software, contact our Vision Help Desk or visit our social media page. Alternatively, you can try our 30 days free trial or Book a Demo with us today.

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Megha JadhavMulti-Company Live Chat Software: What it is and Its Benefits?
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