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Provide A Better Customer Service Experience With A Multi-Product Help Desk

multi product help desk

As your business continues to grow, a major part of the journey you are taking will be preparing your business to sell more than one product.

Eventually, you will look to branch out and sell other products along with the product you started selling when your business was first introduced. As you begin to sell more products, the relationships and interactions you have with your customers will begin to improve and evolve. As a result, you will also start to think about what things you will need to do to become more customer-centric.

Your business will eventually begin to transform from a business that only provided customer service for a single product to one that has a wide range of products. Evolving and transforming into this type of business will mean you will need to put more energy and effort into improving the relationships and interactions you have with your customers and prospective customers. Your customers will expect you to understand their concerns, enhance your communication, and provide support whenever they need it.

If you were to create several call centers and help centers to give customers the opportunity to receive help when they need it, you end results may seem segregated because one help center may not want to provide information to the other help center. Thankfully, you do not have to use different call centers or help centers to address the concerns that your customers have. You can use multi-product help desk software that will provide a better overall experience for your customers.

With a help desk system that has been designed to support multiple products, you will have all the portals you need for the products and services you offer. You will be able to support all of your products and services from one comprehensive location without having to an excess amount in fees and licenses. Unless you have established certain rules and restrictions when it comes to your help desk interface, all of your help desk agents will see all of the tickets from your multiple products. This will give your agents the opportunity to serve your customers better because they will become aware of some of the common issues and complaints.

What Will You Receive For Your Multiple Products?

When you use a multi-product help desk system, you will receive the following:

  • Topics that are centered around all of the products you offer
  • FAQs that are centered around the products
  • Online portals and forums for all of the products you offer

We believe that by making the necessary efforts to improve the level of the customer service offer, we will be able to encourage our customers to take advantage of the self-service options we will offer through our multi-product help desk system.

One Platform For Your Multiple Products

It will not matter if your business supports products that are totally different or if you have multiple businesses that you are operating from your main foundation, you will need to make sure you are efficiently serving your customers and creating opportunities for your agents to be as productive as possible. Separating your customer service interactions by the type of product they are and the brand they are is certainly a great way to do this.

With the right multi-help desk solution, you will have several portals that can be integrated into one main location. As a result, your help desk team will be able to effectively manage several products, services, and brands from a comprehensive location. Your customer service agents will be able to successfully route every support ticket to the right customer support portal.

Directing the support tickets will ensure that the emails are being sent to the right portal and that customers receive the links to the right knowledge base articles and customer support community portals. When customers can receive the assistance they need, regardless of which product and service they are using, they will walk away from the interaction feeling positive about your company’s brand and the level of customer service you are offering.

Brand Protection

Customers love when they receive help quickly without having to be told they will need to be transferred several times. When you are able to provide effective and efficient customer service, customers will continue to purchase products and services, in addition to telling their friends and family members about your company. When customers reach the right place of contact the first time, your customer service agents will not need to spend extra energy and time transferring customers to where they need to be.

Also, when you have the right data as it related to web traffic and routing, customers and visitors will actually receive the information they need on the first attempt. Your customers and website visitors do not want to look through multiple pages just to find the information they need. Your target audience will not be able to use the information you offer if they are unable to find it. This is why it is important to have accurate data, descriptions, and analytics.

In your efforts to create a better customer service experience for your customers, we encourage you to join your help desks into one main location. You will be able to provide an easier and better experience for all of your customers. You want all the information your customers receive about your products and services to be relevant and helpful.

We know how important it is to understand your customers and make sure they receive the right information at the right time. We also know how important it is to connect with them through their preferred communication channels. Your customers will be able to get the support they need from your help desk agents or through the self-service options.

You have made great strides in your business and you are now offering multiple products instead of only one. Are you ready to provide a seamless experience for all of your customers if they ever have an issue that needs to be addressed? A multi-product help desk solution can be the key you have been looking for to unlock many more years of success. Are you ready to try a multi-product help desk solution?

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Megha JadhavProvide A Better Customer Service Experience With A Multi-Product Help Desk
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