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Reasons Why Your Service Desk is Failing Your Business

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Organizations have seen a fundamental restructuring of prevailing economic order, in the past decade. Due to this, many companies are struggling hard to sustain their position in today’s tough business environment.

Decision makers have to prioritize projects that deliver fastest business benefit, regardless of the ways they use to optimize operations or generate revenues. A new service desk initiative can help you develop your business and generate better ROI. However, this investment will only help the organizations compete with new economic condition.

Service management platforms or help desk solutions play a significant role in the development of organizations. However in most of the organizations, the current service desk is not living up to the expectations, delivering too much cost and little business value. This is even the case of organizations that often invest in new technologies and help desk solutions. After reading this post, you will know why legacy help desks are not living up to the expectations and what requirements of service desk are truly effective in today’s business world.

Organizations that have migrated to newer technologies in recent years are facing a number of issues for number of reasons, some of which are as below-

Choosing common or legacy service desk platforms

Most of the organizations continue with existing help desk service providers, and don’t look at the services provided by other help desk companies. Sometimes, the existing service providers may not provide quality support due to lack of knowledge of technological advancements. Moreover, Help Desk services offered by some of the reputed companies need laborious coding to address the specific needs of each customer. Companies think that it is extremely time-consuming and costly to simply migrate to a new service desk platform, and this is one of the reasons why current service desk is failing your business.

Improper work distribution among service desk agents

Most of the old Help Desk solutions lack customization features, which makes it difficult to distribute work evenly among the customer service agents. However in today’s competitive business, customers expect different levels of skills and competence, and want their issues to be resolved at the earliest. This will be possible, if the service desk software can be customized to distribute the work load evenly. This will not only enhance customer satisfaction, but will help the customer service agents to build their skills and become more productive.

Falling behind the SLA consistently

It is a known fact that no company can meet 100% of SLA (Service Level Agreement) all the time. However, when the missing SLA is a regular occurrence, then it is really a big loss for companies. In such circumstances, companies need to first check if the features of their current service desk are adequate or not. Organizations should check if the customer support team is doing a lot of manual work that could actually be automated by the help desk software? Today, one can find the most advanced and affordable help desk solution that can do wonders by automating the hectic processes and freeing up the customer service agents to fix things that fill out the assets of your organization.

Outdated software

If your customer service agents are tired of working with outdated software, or trying hard to install the updates, then it’s time to change your existing help desk solution. You will see potentially worsen problems and low ROI, if your IT department looks like a room full of skilled prisoners. An outdated help desk software will surely have an impact on customer satisfaction, as it will take longer time to resolve issues. Moreover, your customer service agents are no longer interested to work with your organization, as there are many companies that provide affordable and top quality help desk solutions that get the IT desk on right path to have a successful relationship with the company.

SaaS based point platforms

Today, there are a number of SaaS-based point platforms that only provide ticket management. Due to lack of ITIL / ITSM compliant features like – problem management, change management, service catalog, etc, SaaS based point platforms fail to provide viable alternatives to the organizations with complex IT environments. What organizations actually need is a help desk solution that can support the present and future requirements of their business. You can develop your business by migrating to the best and feature-rich help desk solution.

With the right service desk solution, you can automate many of the formerly repetitive tasks. You never have to worry about upgrading or having different software versions, as it is all meant to enhance customer satisfaction. When it comes to the effectiveness of service desk, the right software could make the difference. Go through the top 5 features to look for while selecting SaaS help desk software while choosing the right help desk solution.

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Megha JadhavReasons Why Your Service Desk is Failing Your Business
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