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Use a Multi-Brand Help Desk to Eliminate Confusion and Streamline Operations

multi brand help desk software

Running multiple brands or business names poses a variety of challenges to companies. The branding, support options, and related aspects need to be kept separate for each identity. If they accidentally get mixed up,

customers will get confused or see the company as not quite up to snuff. The same problems happen if all support queries are redirected to an umbrella company with a different name than the one they thought they were dealing with.

Preventing these problems isn’t as hard as it may seem. By using a multi-brand help desk, you can send customers to the branded site they expect while still managing everything from the same portal on your side. This software will also bring your company many benefits, including:

Easy Organization of Product Information

Using a help desk that offers a separate customer portal for each brand makes it easy for people to find the information relevant to the product they purchased. This is especially important when you have a knowledge base that people can peruse. Customers are saved from having to look through huge lists of topics that aren’t relevant to their product. Instead, they will be presented with shorter lists that only include things that apply to the software or item that they actually have. This makes it much easier for them to find the information they need.

Proper Routing of Help Desk Tickets

When help desk tickets come in through brand-specific portals, it’s much easier to figure out which products the people are asking about. To make this even simpler, you can set up separate drop down lists for each brand’s help category options. These should be tailored for the unique aspects of each brand. For example, if one of your brands sells software, one of its drop down items might be “subscriptions.” Another brand, which deals only in hardware, would have no such listing since hardware is a one-off purchase.

Tickets from each brand’s portal will also appear under the names of the respective brands. This makes it easy to know which products may be in question even before the entire ticket is read. Since some customers don’t bother to mention the names of the products they’re writing in about, this can be a great time-saver.

A More Professional Appearance

Customers expect the brands they deal with to have their own sites, branding, and support portals. When they find that a site is actually handling several brands, they often think of this as less than polished. Using help desk software that allows for separate branding and access ensures that the proper professional appearance is maintained.

multi brand help desk by vision helpdesk

Reduced Customer Confusion

When customers end up on a site with branding that doesn’t match the name on the item they purchased, it causes confusion. Many will leave the site without reading further, thinking that they have somehow ended up in the wrong place. This problem is at its worst if your main corporate site has a name that’s nothing like the one they’re looking for. Having a separately-branded portal for each of your brands ensures that everyone knows that they’re at the proper site for their products.

Support for Multiple Time Zones

Companies with multiple brands typically operate nationwide or even worldwide. Our multi-brand help desk comes with the ability to set each brand to its own time zone, and this makes it easy to create what appears to be a local presence in all of your major areas of operation. If you hire staff in each location, they’ll also benefit from having everything conveniently set to their local times. This ability also helps prevent time-zone-related snafus.

Support for Multiple Languages

One of the most important aspects of operating an international brand is language localization. With good multi-brand help desk software, it’s easy to set up one or more of your brands with a customer service portal in the local language. This lets you provide global support in every language you can understand or get translated.

Increased Flexibility for You and Your Staff

Many of today’s companies do much of their work outside of an office. This is especially true for software developers and those who offer services in an online-only environment. Customers, however, still like to imagine that they are talking to a big office when they interact with your firm. Your help desk software allows you to answer support questions from any location – without having it seem like you’re actually sitting on a sofa at home.

Even if you actually do provide support from an office during standard business hours, you’ll want this increased flexibility for other times. By using a customer service portal as your main method for interacting with customers, you can offer 24/7 support without having to pay for office lights and heating during the off hours. You’ll also have an easier time of finding night help if the people don’t have to be the only ones in the building at odd hours. These people can easily do their jobs from home without ruining the big-company image.

These are some of the major benefits of using multi-brand help desk software as part of your customer service strategy. You’ll eliminate the confusion that results from trying to force all of your brands into a single customer-facing portal while retaining the convenience of a single back-end. You’ll also be able to provide a far more professional appearance by branding everything separately. To get more information, a free trial, or a full license, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you find the perfect help desk solution for your needs.

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Megha JadhavUse a Multi-Brand Help Desk to Eliminate Confusion and Streamline Operations
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