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Revised Road Map for V3 and Happy Holidays!!

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

V3 Road Map Revision

In our previous V3 updates we were anticipating V3 beta to be released by end of the October 2011 — We could not deliver V3 beta in October – the reason is some of new features took some more time then what we have anticipated. Currently we are in alpha testing stages of V3 and we are working hard even working on Christmas to make sure we meet our dead lines.

Revised Road Map

V3 Public Beta Hosted on our Cloud Servers  —  Release Date — 8th Feb 2012

V3 Mobile Web-Based Version — Release Date — 25th Feb 2012

V3 REST API — Release Date — 1st March 2012

V3 Stable Version and V3 Sale — Release Date — 8th March 2012

V3 Pricing

The new pricing is applicable only for NEW CUSTOMERS.

Existing customers will be moved to equivalent plan with same old pricing.

Vision Helpdesk SaaS License (Hosted on our Cloud Servers)

Lite Plan = $24 per month

Professional Plan = $47 per month

Premium Plan = $71 per month

Ultimate Plan = $119 per month

Vision Helpdesk Owned License (Hosted on Clients Server)

Lite Plan = $599.00

Professional Plan = $1399.00

Premium Plan = $2199.00

Ultimate Plan = $3699.00

30% Discount on Vision Helpdesk V2 Owned License

V3 pricing is increased as compared to V2 – It’s your last chance to purchase V2 at low cost with 30% discount and upgrade to V3 once V3 is released. We will be offering Migration tool to migrate your data from V2 to V3.

Coupon Code = XMAS30

The offer is limited till 31st Jan 2012 — Make the most of it sign up for V2 now —

Vision HelpdeskRevised Road Map for V3 and Happy Holidays!!
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  • Paul - December 24, 2011 reply

    Glad I built my own desk now, to see you already raising prices makes me just not believe in you anymore at all.

    Another kayako on a mission to take as much as they can.

    Vision Helpdesk - December 24, 2011 reply

    The new pricing applies only for new customers – existing customers will get free upgrade to V3 🙂

  • dan - December 24, 2011 reply

    What about if we have a V2 hosted version with a valid upgrade. Will we be upgraded to V3 for free ? If yes, to which version ?

  • dan - December 24, 2011 reply

    Oh, I got it now: V2 Lite goes to V3 Lite.

  • Gavin - December 27, 2011 reply

    Are you really going to be increasing the prices as follows…
    lite 199.99 to 599.00 a 300% increase
    pro 249.99 to 1399 a 560% increase
    premium up 733% and ultimate up a crazy 822% ???
    Version 3 is going to have to be seriously good to get away with that!

  • Vision Helpdesk - December 27, 2011 reply

    @Gavin – Yes that’s correct as we mentioned V3 is not just overhauled product — we have built V3 from scratch and have introduced techniques that no other competitive products have offered.. Just take an example of Multi-Tasking , Advance Satellite Feature and more..

    V3 is not just result of feature request but we have tried to reinvent the wheel and understand each and every aspect of helpdesk software and based on this we are coming up with top class helpdesk software that will offer all in one solution.

    Its not too far with V3 beta release – we request our customers to try hands on beta version once released and you will know how pricing is justified..

  • dan - December 28, 2011 reply

    I have full confidence in the team and I am sure they will release a very good product.
    We rely every day on V2 and hope that V3 will introduce more project management oriented features to help us keep up with our clients.

    Hardly wait the beta release.

    PS: if i have a valid upgrade service (til dec 2012) my V2 lite will be upgraded to V3 for free ?


    Vision Helpdesk - December 28, 2011 reply

    @Dan – yes you have free upgrade to V3.

    You bet V3 is adding exciting features and making a complete new experience with web-based helpdesk software.

  • David - January 10, 2012 reply

    What happens to current monthly subscribers that are hosting the license themselves? Are you forced to upgrade to SaaS in order to use V3?

    Vision Helpdesk - January 11, 2012 reply

    @David – Yes for leased license SaaS will be only option — for our existing customers we are not charging anything — we will offer free hosting to existing self hosted customers.

  • James - January 17, 2012 reply

    so will satellite sites set up still work on the new version or will they all need to be updated?

    Also will you undertake the owned version update and will it keep all the existing data?

    Vision Helpdesk - January 19, 2012 reply

    @james – yes we will offer migration tool and we will help you upgrade to new version without loosing tickets and other data.

  • Jeremy Otten - January 27, 2012 reply

    When can we see first BETA?

  • dan - February 1, 2012 reply

    V3 Public Beta Hosted on our Cloud Servers – Release Date — 8th Feb 2012

  • Ming X - February 7, 2012 reply

    today is 8th Feb 2012. wait Public Beta:)

  • Ben - February 8, 2012 reply

    I think the software is still not ready to be released.

  • dan - February 8, 2012 reply

    hehehe, they will be late for sure.. unfortunately. In india it is already 9 feb …
    It seems that we will have installed it in June …not March. Too bad and dissapointed.

    hope they will fight with Kayako on the same market but they have another business philosophy.

  • Jeremy Otten - February 8, 2012 reply

    Its already the 8TH Where is IT!!

  • Ming X - February 8, 2012 reply

    also no reply with ticket, no livechat

  • Vision Helpdesk - February 9, 2012 reply

    V3 beta is released now —

    Looking forward for your comments / suggestions / bugs / feature request..

  • Kevin - February 10, 2012 reply

    If I read your policies correctly (from David’s thread) then your company apparently knows nothing about security. I will not use an SaaS service. If my SSL data is now going to & thru a 3rd party middle-man (Vision) then I have lost control of it. That is not security. Your assurances mean nothing. Security is not built on assurances, it is built on control. The fact that a company in India makes the software doesn’t matter. The fact that you want me to tell all of our law firms clients that all the info contained in support tickets of passwords/configuration will be routed thru a company in India is not acceptable. This is not security as used by any professional. So I’m guessing I will either have to purchase (not likely) or abandon your product after apparently wasting a lot of time on it.

  • Vision Helpdesk - February 10, 2012 reply

    @Kevin — The servers are hosted in US DataCenter so nothing routing through India.

    Your concern is less about security but more about not being comfortable having your data on hosted servers. (I completely agree and respect your company policies)

    Security issue is not just with hosted servers but it can be even on your own server – nothing is 100% safe on internet.

    Here is my suggestion —

    Currently you are using leased license installed on your server – you are paying $30 per month – Still you can purchase V2 Owned License which is relatively less cost as compared to V3 pricing.

    On purchase of V2 license you will get FREE upgrade to V3 equivalent Owned License.

    Email me at Sales if you have more questions – I will be happy to help you.

  • Kevin - February 16, 2012 reply

    Is the new version 3 going to maintain integration with WHMCS ?

    Vision Helpdesk - February 19, 2012 reply

    @Kevin – yes WHMCS integration will be there in V3.

  • Ivan - March 7, 2012 reply

    Is the upgrade to V3 available also for free license users?

  • Murry - March 29, 2012 reply

    Things are looking too silent. No updates on new release and no chatter from users. Odd.

  • Stanley - March 31, 2012 reply

    Any new release date for V3?

  • Murry - April 19, 2012 reply

    Any updates on the updated release date?

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