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The Best, Proven and Tested Live Chat Software

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Understanding How proven and tested live chat software can help. A fast-paced technological world and an ever-demanding market are the main contributors to the massive changes that we are experiencing in the marketing and customer satisfaction world.

Until recently, having a call center number and a few social media icons on your website were enough to satisfy your customers’ demands- now, it’s not.

As it stands, about 69% of shoppers in the United States demand live chat features, with 73% of customers attesting that they find companies that use live chat features more satisfying.

While it is true that live chat software is beneficial, finding the perfect one is equally as important. Here, we look at the benefits of excellent live chat software, its features, and where you can find one.

What is Live Chat Software?

A proven and tested Live chat software provides you with a platform to communicate with your website’s visitors through real-time messaging. With this software, you can initiate conversations with first-time visitors, engage with returning customers, and reach potential customers.

Some of the most common live chat use cases include:

  • Providing premium customer support services
  • Generating leads (converting window-shoppers into loyal, paying customers)
  • Any business that values real-time customer engagement
  • Multiple companies or websites
  • End-user support

The Benefits of Live Chat Software

Organizations and business entities require live chat software because it is quick, real-time, and convenient, especially when providing customer support services. Additionally, the software reduces bounce rates, reduces shopping cart abandonment rates, and allows businesses to capture new leads.

Other benefits of live chat software include:

  • Facilitates continuous conversations.
  • Well, set to enhance instantaneous answers and replies.
  • It is easy to give context to customers with this software.
  • Conversation personalization is easier.
  • Enhances affordable and live communication.
  • Provides cohesive customer experience.

The Features of Quality Proven and Tested Live Chat Software

What separates excellent proven live chat software from a great one is the product’s features. For any great one, the following features must be present:

Live chat automation features

Your preferred live chat software should be criteria-based, escalation, and adhere to all round-robins rules to help you with automation. With this feature, you can auto-assign chats, meet round robin rules, escalate conversations, notify clients, and get real-time chat ratings.


In a platform that incorporates many users, security is mandatory. Your website should be a haven for everybody.

Chat widgets

The chat widgets of the live chat software that you opt for should match your website’s design. This will help stamp your brand in the minds of your visitors.

Canned responses

Canned responses are essential in empowering live chat agents to skim through the knowledge base and provide quick answers with simple clicks.

Live chat reports

After live chat sessions, your software should give you reports and analytics for you to get a quick overview of the live chats, customer chat ratings, staff productivity reports, and so on.

Factors to Consider When Acquiring a Live Chat Software

Simply because a particular software works for another client does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. If you are looking for live chat software for your company, consider the following factors:

  • Its deployment model
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Your budget
  • Ease of use
  • Its additional features

Free Trial, Take a Tour or Book a Demo

At Vision Helpdesk, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all live chat software services. It is for that reason that we encourage you to let us customize a plan for you. Our live chat software is full of unique features that we believe will be useful for your business and overall financial goals.

Contact us today for a free trial, book a demo, or take a tour.

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Megha JadhavThe Best, Proven and Tested Live Chat Software
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