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The Best SaaS Live Chat Software for 2022

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Let’s talk about the best SaaS live chat software products on the market in the new year. First, it is vital to understand that a live chat product is necessary to incorporate into your website if you would like to keep customers around.

People are always going to have questions and issues that they need to resolve, and the only way that they can get the help they need is via a help desk. If you want the best possible outcomes for those who have questions, then you need to look at how you can use top-notch computer software to help them get the answers that they require.

A SaaS Live Chat Software is a customer support chat platform that you don’t have to install on your server. A SaaS chat tool is hosted on a cloud platform. You can focus on providing customer support to your customers without having to worry about the installation or server maintenance part.

SaaS or cloud platform gives the ability to start using software in a couple of minutes.

Before we deep dive understand what exactly is live chat software?

We want to explore what some of the elements of the best saas live chat software for 2022 looks like.

  • Create Canned Responses in Live Chat
  • Automatically Assign Customers to Your Staff
  • Utilize a Virtual Assistant in Live Chat Software
  • Collect Live Chat Reports

Above listed live chat topics can be best understood from our recent article here.

Along with the live chat software, it is also equally important to understand important help desk topics listed below

Delegation Of Work To Help Desk Professionals

There are only so many issues that an individual help desk employee can handle at any given time, and this means that work must be distributed as evenly as possible to allow everyone to get their tasks completed.

The fairest thing to do in those circumstances is to try to distribute the work evenly. However, the requests for help from the public come in at very uneven intervals, so how is this even possible?

Some of the latest help desk software from Vision Helpdesk is capable of creating a more manageable workflow for help desk employees by using what is known as round-robin rules.

This is a system that auto-assigns the next to help desk ticket based on who was the last individual to receive one. It sends the work to those who don’t have something else that they are dealing with at the moment, and it takes work off the backs of those who are already trying to work on an issue.

  • A Seamless Ticket Escalation System

Help desk workers have to rely on the expert knowledge of people who work above them at times to get certain issues resolved. It may be the case that they simply do not have enough seniority to handle an issue, or perhaps a technical issue is beyond their realm of experience.

Whatever the case may be, that employee needs to be able to escalate the help desk ticket to someone who can provide assistance with it. Thus, powerful help desk software should have the ability to escalate a ticket as necessary when called upon.

The Vision Helpdesk software has this feature readily available for users.

  • Staff Alerts

Sometimes a problem reaches such a high level that there needs to be an alert sent out to the entire staff at the same time about an ongoing issue. Think about some of the following examples:

  • Malicious software has been identified within the website
  • A customer has noted a system failure that is impacting everyone that visits the website
  • There has been a malware attack on the website
  • Phishing attempts are hitting the e-mail inboxes of employees
  • The system needs to go down for scheduled maintenance

Most of these issues are red alert type issues that need to be addressed with the whole department all at the same time. Vision Helpdesk has included a feature in their help desk software that makes it easy to get a message out to everyone all at once.

It used to be the case that this was simply a nice feature to have in order to keep everyone in the loop. These days, this feature is practically mandatory. Consider the number of remote workers that any business has, and particularly those that work on help desks.

It is critical that everyone gets on the same page all at once for the business to remain safe and continue to operate as normally as possible.

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Megha JadhavThe Best SaaS Live Chat Software for 2022
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