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One of the Best Live Chat Software in 2022

Best Live Chat Software & Help Desk Software

Businesses need to find the best software available when they want to succeed. Because of this, you may wonder about live chat software you can utilize, so your business can communicate with its customers.

Vision Helpdesk offers live chat software your business can utilize and take advantage of. If you want to understand why Vision Helpdesk offers one of the best live chat software, you should go through the points below.

Before we deep dive understand what exactly is live chat software and its benefits?

  • Create Canned Responses in Live Chat

When your customers need quick replies, your business can create canned responses to help them out. Canned responses allow your business to create replies ahead of time. From there, your staff can choose canned responses to help customers with common problems. This can also help new staff members since they can pick canned responses if they don’t know the exact answers to some customer questions.

You can continue to make new canned responses based on the questions your customers ask. Not only will it help you save time for your staff members, but your customers as well. These premade responses only require a single click from your staff members to share information with the customers.

  • Automatically Assign Customers to Your Staff

You can also use this software to automatically assign customers to your staff members. When you have multiple staff members talking with people through live chat software, they receive queues for those people. This means they can talk with some people, interact with them, and continue through the queue when they have time.

You can utilize this software to automatically assign people to your staff fairly. This means it will automatically split the customers between your staff members, so one person doesn’t end up with all the customers. This can also help you assist more customers, since splitting them between staff members means you can help more of them over time.

  • Utilize a Virtual Assistant in Live Chat Software

Sometimes, your staff may become backed up with requests from the customers. To cut down on the number of customer requests they receive, you can have a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant works as a chatbot, so it will send automated responses to the customers. Virtual assistants can tackle simple requests, so your staff can focus on the complicated requests.

This also helps your business save some time since the virtual assistant can reduce some of the work. This allows the staff to focus on the most important requests. After all, if some customers need help making a payment, the virtual assistant can provide them with steps and links. This applies to any simple task commonly asked by customers.

  • Collect Live Chat Reports

When you work with a live chat service, you need to understand the stats behind it. If your business goes with Vision Helpdesk, it can receive automatic live chat reports. These reports can include key information such as staff productivity, customer ratings, and other points. You can look into these reports to see what customers think about your live chat services.

Based on the reports, you can figure out where your business needs to make some improvements. For example, if staff productivity drops, you can figure out what caused the decrease. You can then encourage your staff to boost their productivity in the live chat services. You can look into any of these key statistics and use them to influence your business.


Vision Helpdesk is a leader in Live Chat Software on G2


Vision Helpdesk stands out as effective software for live chat services. If your business wants to reach its customers and communicate with them efficiently, you should consider this software. It offers the tools listed above, so you can communicate with your customers and help them through their issues. As you do so, you can turn them into returning customers and allow them to have positive experiences with your business.

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Megha JadhavOne of the Best Live Chat Software in 2022
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