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The Core Features of Web Based Help Desk Software

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Running a business or organization is an important job but larger ones may find that the help desk gets bogged down with multiple requests at once, information that is lost, and miscommunication.There is a solution, however. 

Web based help desk software has everything you need for an effective help desk with seamless control. When it comes to web based help desk software it is important for the business or organization owner to know the core features and benefits.

Ticket Management With Ease

Ticket management is the integral part of a help desk and with web based help desk software, you have a centralized system that allows management of every ticket or request. It allows staff to categorize, prioritize, and assign the tickets so that customer service is kept at a premium level of satisfaction.

Effective Staff Management

Managing staff through a web based solution allows the addition of a hierarchy. This hierarchy allows for a variety of accesses and tasks. For instance, the super admin has complete access and adds or changes users lower down the list. There are company admins, staff team members, and staff agents and all are allowed different administration duties and access.

Easy to Use Client Management

Client management is another area of a help desk that is the soul of the operation. Knowing a client’s details saves time and makes the client feel more important to the company. A client summary is the start, where everything about the client is summarized for easy access. Also available is the ability to add sub-contracts, view invoices, import and export clients, the ability to search and find clients fast, the ability to allow client access to specific departments, organize clients, ticket history, a social media sign-on for clients, and the ability to approve or disapprove clients when they register through the portal.

Self-Service for Customers

An all-in-one self-service tool makes it easier for customers to answer their own questions before a help ticket is needed. This area of the web based help desk software has a place where customers can post questions and others can answer it, a categorized knowledge base that can be created, and a staff knowledge base. The download management part of the software allows attachments to be downloaded by clients.

Workflow Automation

This part of the software automates tickets and this is something that is used on a daily basis. It helps tremendously on those days when the number of tickets is especially high because by matching the ticket with the specific criteria conditions, the workflow is easier to handle and less confusing.

SLA & Escalation

Resolve tickets faster than ever. SLA rules acts to gauge how well staff agents are responding to tickets. Multiple SLA rules are able to be created and customization is possible such as a holiday list and client specific rules.

Client Portal Features

Along with the company or organization keeping up with tickets and escalations, the client also has the ability to follow open tickets, existing tickets, manage their sub-contracts, change their profile, leave feedback, and follow the helpful knowledge base.

Multi-Language Support

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is easy to handle global customers with the customer portal that translates multiple languages. This not only saves time but allows the company or organization to work with international or non-native speaking clients with ease, allowing for a broader reach.

Reports That Are Easy to Navigate

Run a multitude of reports including:

  • Staff work report
  • Ticket response report
  • Client report
  • Ticket rating report
  • Time tracking (per department, per ticket, and per staff member)
  • Graphical staff SLA
  • Graphical department statistics
  • Client organization tickets
  • Department SLA report
  • Staff performance including top performers
  • Client wise SLA and channel wise tickets
  • Billing reports

Many Security Features

Ample security features is important to any kind of company or organization software. You want to be sure everything is kept discreet and only the team members who have access can see it. Web based help desk software from Vision Helpdesk comes with IP restriction, two factor authentication, password encryption, wildcard SSL with SaaS license, password strength ability, and script security to keep everything safe and discreet.

Surveys and More

Knowing each customer’s opinion is important to maintaining the best possible customer service. In this software you have the ability to create multiple surveys, add a survey link in emails, custom fields support, and survey reports so that all surveys are easily seen and processed. It allows the company or organization to not only gain insight into their customers, but ensures that their concerns are being met.

Effective Time Tracking

Keeping up with time spent on customer invoices allows effective invoicing and makes it easy to submit valid and traceable reports. Time tracking on the software includes a time tracking clock, time tracking reports per ticket and per customer, work time, billing time, and time tracking per each department.

There are so many features of web based help desk software from Vision Helpdesk that all of the company or organization’s help desk tickets will be easier to handle, more efficient, traceable, and free up more manpower for other tasks.

We offer an effective and powerful all-in-one multi channel ticket management platform that centralizes all of your ticket needs, customer conversations, and more. Receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests easier than ever and with a platform that simplifies work so tasks are more seamless to handle.

Vision Helpdesk: Simplify Your Life

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Megha JadhavThe Core Features of Web Based Help Desk Software
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