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What Do Customers Expect When They Call Your Help Desk?

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In today’s world of smart devices and immediate solutions, the expectations of customers regarding company’s support are higher than ever before. You can’t survive in this business world, by just proving normal customer service.

The relation between consumers and companies has shifted completely with the onset of social media. Customers prefer to engage with companies actively through social media channels. Due to the increasing expectations of customers, it often becomes difficult for companies to know what exactly the customer wants when building their customer support strategy. Here is an insight of what customers expect from companies –

  • Customers expect the company to hear their voice
  • Most of the customer go online these days and expect the same from the company
  • Customers expect high level help desk service and support

A customer service agent is a representative of the business who handles all the incoming and outgoing customer interactions. When the customer calls your Help Desk, he/she expect the problem to be solved quickly. If you want to develop your business, you need to polish the skills of your help desk team. It is important to keep the customer expectations in mind while you consider the effectiveness of your help desk. Working with an outsourced Help desk provider is one of the best ways to ensure that your customer’s inquiries are managed in a professional way.

No matter what your business is, your customers will always have some doubts and questions. As your company grows, you will have the need for the best help desk solution. Professional help desk is the best way to provide top quality customer support, where your customers can call and get answers about your products and services instantly. Not only this, you can resolve the technical issues and other queries with much ease using the best IT help desk solution.

The below statistics help you understand the customer expectations. These statistics were derived from a recent survey conducted on customer experience, when they call the help desk.

  • More than 69% of customers say that they are kept on hold too long, when they call the help desk.
  • 30% of customers are unsatisfied with the resolution provided
  • 45% of customers say that the customer service agent whom they spoke to failed to provide solution.
  • 60% of the customers go to a competitor, when they don’t feel like they have been heard.
  • 70% of customers want the help desk agents to call them back, rather than asking them to wait in queue.
  • 45% of customers prefer downloading video files that help them solve their issue
  • 35% of customers like to have real time video chat with customer support agent

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What do customers want?

When the customers call help desk or customer support, they want to be treated with respect and get assistance quickly about the problem they called. Unfortunately, customers often feel that the help desk person who is answering their call does not know anything about the products and is working from a script provided by the company.

Learn more about what customers expect when they call your help desk, and why it makes sense to outsource your customer support operations.

  • They want evidence that they are important

Most of the customers appreciate others going beyond their level to help them with their queries and concerns. More than 70% of customers are willing to spend more with companies they believe to provide top quality customer service. More than 75% of the business leads come from word-of-mouth referral, and the key reason behind this is quality customer service and help desk solutions.

  • Online support

These days, majority of customer go online when seeking for a product or service. They want a self-service portal where they can get assistance on their own terms. There are a number of reputed companies that provide self-service portals. It is expected that companies can cut down 30% of service load by having enabling online support. Customers want the help desk team to assist them across multiple channels through multi-channel support.

  • Problems solved quickly

Customers place heavy emphasis on resolution times, especially when they call the help desk to solve a technical problem. Customer often feel that the agent understands their issue, but don’t have potential to resolve the issue. In this process, they take more time to answer the customer. Customers expect the agent to provide resolution for the first time itself, when they ask for support. Their priority is to talk with a skilled agent who can provide quick resolution.

  • Clear communication

The ability to understand the problem and make others understand about the solution is one of the must have skills of customer support agent. Customers expect clear communication from the help desk agents. Moreover, they want the message to be conveyed directly, rather than indirect communication. Communication often goes beyond the word we use, and the way we present and transmit them is very important. The key and style of conveying the message should always suit the personality of customer you are communicating with.

Understanding the customer’s expectations is the key to provide wonderful customer experience. It is essential that the customer support contact centers develop a comprehensive understanding of what customers expect from them and how they can improve their service to meet customer expectations.

Working with a help desk service provider is one way to improve the customer experience and keep your staff budget at reasonable level. You can get the questions of your customers answered professionally and quickly, by having the best help desk solution.

In order to meet the customer expectations, you should have a process that helps the help desk agents identify and resolve the problems at the earliest.

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Megha JadhavWhat Do Customers Expect When They Call Your Help Desk?
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