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The Need For A Social Media Help Desk For Reputation Management

social media help deskWhen you have a help desk, it is important to be able to integrate social media. This will allow you to deliver better customer service and manage your reputation more effectively. Understanding how it works will make it easier to find a social media help desk so that you can have these controls and options.

Learn About Customer Complaints

People will often use social media in order to complain. As you receive customer complaints, they need to be addressed, particularly when people use Facebook or Twitter. The reason that you need to learn about the complaints and address them as quickly as possible is that they may turn viral otherwise.

A complaint on Facebook or Twitter is available for everyone else to see. If the comment is particularly vile, someone may choose to share it because they find it amusing, or they want to provide warning to other potential consumers.

If you aren’t learning about the complaints in a timely fashion, you cannot address them – and this is when they tend to spiral out of control.

By using a social media help desk, you can ensure that Facebook page posts and tweets will convert automatically into help desk tickets. This will allow you to see each and every comment that posts to the page. If there is no action required, the help desk ticket can simply be closed. Otherwise, the ticket can be forwarded as necessary and dealt with so that a higher level of customer service is delivered to the individual who made the complaint.

Address Concerns

Concerns need to be addressed, otherwise customers tend to get upset. Their anger festers and that’s when it can be dangerous for your business. There’s nothing worse than a customer scorned. What started out as one negative comment on your Facebook page could turn to individual posts on their page about their negative experience. This is then read by hundreds of their friends, and potentially shared by friends so that it’s read by hundreds more.

This is what you can expect if you don’t address the concerns of your customers. People usually will let a company know when they have messed up. All you have to do is learn – and that’s easier to do than you might think.

You don’t have to spend all of your time and resources monitoring social media. While some companies have individuals doing nothing but that and then responding, you might not have that luxury. This means you have to figure out a better way to learn about concerns so that you can address them – and a social media help desk will make this possible.

Deliver Better Customer Service

More people than ever before care about customer service. There have been too many examples of companies who go above and beyond to provide great customer service and therefore expectations have been on the rise. Consumers who don’t receive the service they anticipate will easily go to another company without thinking twice.

You don’t want to lose consumers because of not providing great customer service. This means you have to stay on top of the comments on social media. When you receive a complaint, the social media helpdesk can pick up the issues and send them to a team of people who will take care of the problem. This could include contacting the customer, offering a discount, and doing whatever is necessary to maintain the customer relationship.

Focus on Reputation Management

Reputation management has been in place for years, though it has become more of a focus since social media presented itself. Your reputation is ever changing, and it is up to you to know whether it is good or not.

Too many companies have no idea what their reputation is. They spend money on marketing dollars and don’t get the desired ROI because their reputation isn’t where it should be. They don’t bother with spending the time to look at reviews online or read what’s being posted on social media. As such, they cannot react to what customers have to say. They cannot make changes to their business based on comments because they remain ignorant to the problems.

You’re already interested in improving your reputation. You want to know what’s being said on social media. The biggest problem you likely have is that you don’t know how to manage it all. You need a toolbox that will help you learn more about the comments – and this includes both Facebook and Twitter.

The moment you implement help desk support, you can get the help you need. Not all help desk software programs are created equal, however. Some are only going to help you create tickets for issues that are called in. You need something that’s going to be proactive in helping you improve your reputation.

Tickets should be automatically created each time someone posts to your Facebook business page or sends a tweet to your company’s Twitter handle. This will make it easier for you to take action – and never lose sight of what’s important. Your customers will provide you with loyalty as long as you deliver good customer service. Not everyone will call or email you – they will take their concerns to social media. This means it’s up to you to find the posts and respond. Managing your reputation can be simplified if you have a social media tool integrated into your helpdesk software.

Discover more about how a social media help desk can work to improve your reputation and the customer service you offer by contacting Vision Helpdesk.

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Megha JadhavThe Need For A Social Media Help Desk For Reputation Management
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