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The Real Reason Your Company Should Use An IT Help Desk

IT help desk

An IT help desk is the perfect place to make a self-service portal. There are many benefits to using a web-based application, especially if it can enable your company to develop a knowledge forum with answers to common problems.  Your end users or customers can also report different incidents and manage multiple assets with the help of an IT platform.

One of the main benefits of having a knowledge forum is your customers can search for the answers to common IT problems they are having. The forum can give customers the power to discover other important information that they normally wouldn’t have access to. They can also create service requests if they can’t find the answer. Customers can also use the software to chat with your customer service agents and get personal help.

How Employees Can Benefit From An IT Help Desk With a Self-Service Portal

One of the main benefits your employees will enjoy is peace due to using an IT platform with a self-service portal. They will enjoy a much quieter office since there will be fewer calls coming in from customers. A lower call volume and less help desk tickets can really be an advantage if your company is growing fast and is experiencing a higher number of calls and emails from customers seeking support.

Information in the self-help IT platform can divert customers with questions or incidents to the online portal to find the answer. If for some reason they can’t resolve it, the issue is automatically routed to another customer service agent. When your employees experience fewer inbound calls from customers asking routine or simple questions, they can work on more complicated issues that need their full attention. This will improve the workflow of the business operations.

Your company can also pay less money and have less expensive overhead by encouraging customers to help themselves instead of hiring more customer service representatives and other costs associated with hiring more employees. Reduced call volume, lower costs, and a boost in productivity are some of the benefits you can experience after using our software.

How Customers Can Benefit From an IT Help Desk With a Self-Service Portal

Since a self-service portal is available 24 hours a day, a customer can access it whenever they need clarification about something. The more you advertise the forum and tell users that it is there and where they can go to find it, the better. We have designed our IT software so that it is easy for users to use as long as they have an internet connection. This is because we understand that when users can not easily navigate the software they will choose to call a company’s customer service department instead. An efficient software system can make people happy and increase their productivity.

Consumers are more impatient now than ever before. They expect fast customer service, so when they have to experience long hold times when they are on the phone or have to wait for an extended time to get a response to their email, they can quickly become unhappy. When your company has its own IT software, it gives customers the tools they need to help themselves while they are using their mobile phone or browsing your company’s website on their computer.

Besides being more impatient, customers are now more self-sufficient when it comes to looking for the answers to their own questions. An IT software with a self-service portal gives them the ability to resolve their issues and find out certain information without tying up the customer service department’s phone lines.

Since many of your customers (regardless of how old they are or where they live in the country or overseas) like to solve their own issues, they will appreciate your company putting in the effort to give them the tools they need so they can help themselves. This will give them the power to solve minor issues and find the information they need instead of having to call the service desk.

Also, customers won’t have to wait as long for a customer service representative since there is a shorter wait time. However, certain problems that spring up that are more complicated that customers can’t solve by reading a generic answer in your company’s forum. It may also need more than one person to solve it. A sophisticated IT software system can track the progress of each help desk ticket so agents can check on the status later and make sure the person is taking care of themselves. A self-service help desk portal will make it easier for customers to log it themselves. There are some activities they can use to make it more efficient.

Find Out For Yourself How An IT Help Desk Can Help Your Company

Ultimately a self-service portal should give your customers the power to find whatever they need and resolve their own issues. Customers can also give more information about the system and give them feedback about it. An IT software system can provide a self-service portal that gives benefits to multiple users like end users and ultimately to the business. The customer can also allow companies to give them the support they need. So if your company is thinking about ways to make your technology take you into the next century, you should consider signing up for a help desk that is fully integrated with social media, forums, and other things as well. Contact us today for more information. We can offer many solutions that can benefit your customer service team.

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Megha JadhavThe Real Reason Your Company Should Use An IT Help Desk
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