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Vision Helpdesk V4.5.2 Stable Version Released

Vision Helpdesk V4.5.2

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V4.5.2 Stable Version. This version includes several new features and bug fixes from previous versions.

The new setup is available for download at our billing area —

I have installed V4.x.x How to Upgrade to V4.5.2?

Step 1) Login to billing area —

Step 2) From Services >> My Services — You can download new setup for Vision Helpdesk V4.5.2
(We have different setups for PHP5.3, PHP5.4, PHP5.5 and PHP5.6 versions – please download proper setup)

Step 3) Take backup of your existing files and database on your server.
example if you had installed on support folder you can rename support to support_bk and create new support folder.

Step 4) Unzip V4.5.2 setup – it will have folder named “upload” — you have to upload all files and folders (except setup folder) under upload folder to your server under support folder.
Note : If using ftp to upload make sure you use binary mode to upload files

Step 5) Copy below listed files and folders from your backup support_bk

support_bk/config.php to support/config.php
support_bk/slaveconfig.php to support/slaveconfig.php
support_bk/avatar/ to support/avatar/
support_bk/attachment/ to support/attachment/
support_bk/logs/ to support/logs/
support_bk/console/pipe.php to support/console/pipe.php

If you had any customization done in previous version you can copy those files to new files.

Note : We recommend to contact our support team for upgrade.

Step 6) Now we have some changes in database — you can update it by running below listed file in browser

In browser open folder –
This will show you list of upgrade files from version to version

Based on what version are you running — You can run the upgrade files.
example if you had previous version installed V4.0.0 then simply run

Note : After you run upgrade files – Remove upgrade folder from your installation.

That’s it you are done..

Note : If you are not sure how to upgrade please open support ticket we will help you. 

Features V4.5.2

  • Aircall integration
  • Intercom integration(only chat script).
  • Integration with Dropbox and Google drive
  • Integration with chat software
  • Integration with chat software Crisp.
  • Integration with chat software Olark.
  • Round robin feature for staff ticket assignment.
  • Audit log activity added for staff ticket read events.
  • Export CSV option for depreciation in cmdb.
  • Editor enhancement.
  • Ticket approval feature for tickets.
  • Added new criteria schedule in workflow and alert criteria
  • Add task new feature added for Capsule CRM.
  • Ticket listing view can have now more fields like Category,sub category. item.level,location.
  • Task assignment to a team
  • Client details listed in all the reports list and export.
  • SSO integration for Office 365.
  • SSO integration for Opencart .
  • Feature to transform tickets from internal to external
  • KB category organization or client wise (solution category access define to specific client and organization).
  • Custom field in organization and task
  • In Change, Release and Ticket Approval — allow requesting approval to team.
  • Overview of staff list and tickets assigned to them, also tickets that are new, assigned and unassigned
  • Help desk reports
    • Ticket load
    • Overdue tickets
    • Undue tickets
    • Ticket activity by department
    • Ticket CI relation
    • Ticket replied by staff report
    • Ticket forwarded by staff report
    • Ticket viewed by staff report
    • Staff leader board first avg response report
    • Staff leader board avg response report
    • Staff leader board avg SLA maintain report
    • Organization wise invoice report
    • Clients by organizations
    • Task by status
    • Tickets by label
  • ITIL Reports
    • Problem CI relation
    • Changes CI relation
    • Asset link to problems
    • Asset group by status
    • Asset group by location
    • Assets by asset type
    • Asset by asset product
    • Hardware assets by state
    • Assets by depreciation
    • Assets depreciation notification

Bug Fixes from V4.5.0 and previous versions

    • Fixed issue in multiple integration view for WHMCS.
    • Reply to all linked tickets to problem does not work.
    • Send task comment notification email alert to assigned staff for particular task
    • Livezilla integration script add/update.
    • Display enabled only products in drop-down for CI type software and hardware
    • SLA not working with working days schedule in some cases.
    • Custom report date timezone issue fixed.
    • Asset report status field removed and corrected expired date field
    • Macro update mode when priority and type is disable for ticket module
    • Report download link sendmail.
    • Editor issues are resolved (allowed drag and drop file, paste screenshot, spacing issue)
    • Default select any enabled language in case of other language disabled.
    • Parser issues fixed
      • In case of staff reply ticket properties are set to default
      • Fixed replyto email issue
      • Single quote issue at the end of subject line
      • Content spacing in case of ticket reply resolved
    • IP address field added in activity log.
    • Global searching (If single/double quote existed in search then showing empty result)
    • Pin ticket / client not working when double quote existed in subject line
    • Client side upload file validation added
    • Search (blab,changes,release,article and forum)
    • Fixed advance search issue (if double quote existed in to search field then result getting blank)
    • Exotel integration check condition for auto ticket sending in case of cron
    • Form builder if user logged on to client portal then user details auto fetched in form.
    • PDF not getting parsed properly if attachment encoding type is quoted-printable
    • Datetime picker date time format.
    • Delimiter issue in case of CSV report.
    • Parser (attachment parsed as in-line image in few cases).
    • Staff email address display in ticket post details at client portal.
    • Disabled Macro display on ticket reply macro listing
    • Staff listing on agent availability page.
    • Attachment send in email to client in case of custom template mapping.
    • Online staff redirect to wrong profile page.
    • Most rated/likes article like count showing wrong.
    • Schedule ticket repetition of ticket generation.
    • Changes,release search is not working correct.
    • Asset status list bug resolved for software status expired(shown in list)
    • Clone Email template creating two clones.
    • Alert rule overdue time criteria was not working
    • Creation date criteria in case of escalation rule
    • To email criteria in alert not working.
    • Special character allowed in all title.
    • Display articles to specific clients and specific organizations setting.
    • Macro generate unwanted character.
    • After edit filter, custom report activity drop down not working.
    • DST Timezone.
    • Satellite help desk setting: when we select option B and try to change domain name then option A was getting automatically selected.
    • Livezilla chat integration setting changed and display livezilla chat as per staff access.
    • Client merge not working in case of unwanted spaces in first name.
    • Asset custom field add update custom field data not working.
    • Blabber staff notification email.
    • In ticket parser subject match issue fixed.
    • Department language showing incorrect in case of multi language

Change Log 

Console –

  • console/cron.php
  • console/global.php

Modules –

  • modules/module_selfhelp.php
  • modules/module_parser.php
  • modules/module_selfhelp.php
  • modules/module_ticket.php
  • modules/module_report.php
  • modules/module_subreport.php
  • modules/module_setting.php
  • modules/module_export.php
  • modules/module_staff.php
  • modules/module_subsetting.php
  • modules/module_chat.php
  • modules/module_forums.php
  • modules/module_blabber.php

Classes –

  • classes/class_selfhelp.php
  • classes/class_report.php
  • classes/class_staff.php
  • classes/class_mail.php
  • classes/class_ticket.php
  • classes/class_smtp.php
  • classes/class_subsetting.php
  • classes/class_setting.php
  • classes/class_billing.php
  • classes/class_client.php
  • classes/class_parser.php
  • classes/class_blabber.php

Include –

  • includes/operation.php

Templates –

  • templates/manage/selfhelp_category.php
  • templates/manage/selfhelp_new_category.php
  • templates/manage/organizations_view.php
  • templates/manage/tickets_groupby_channel.php
  • templates/manage/assets_usedby_client.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_list.php
  • templates/manage/client_sla_report.php
  • templates/manage/top_bar.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_reply.php
  • templates/manage/not_answered_ticket.php
  • templates/manage/report_form.php
  • templates/manage/admin_access_details.php
  • templates/manage/setting_menu.php
  • templates/manage/survey_details.php
  • templates/manage/survey_field_details.php
  • templates/manage/survey_field_new.php
  • templates/manage/survey_new.php
  • templates/manage/assets_managedby_staff.php
  • templates/manage/survey_field.php
  • templates/manage/formfield_new.php
  • templates/manage/blab.php
  • templates/manage/changes.php
  • templates/manage/forum_header.php
  • templates/manage/problems.php
  • templates/manage/releases.php
  • templates/manage/selfhelp_summary.php
  • templates/manage/task.php
  • templates/manage/customfield_new.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_new_step_two.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_forward.php
  • templates/manage/parser_log_list.php
  • templates/manage/parserlog_details.php
  • templates/manage/staff_leaderboard_first_report.php
  • templates/manage/staff_leaderborad_avgresponse_maintain.php
  • templates/manage/staff_leaderborad_avgresponse_report.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_ci_relation_report.php
  • templates/manage/tickets_overdue_report.php
  • templates/manage/unoverdue_ticket_report.php
  • templates/manage/staff_reset_password.php
  • templates/manage/portal_setting.php
  • templates/manage/report_overview.php
  • templates/manage/portal_setting_form.php
  • templates/manage/view_googleapp.php
  • templates/manage/ticket_post_list.php
  • templates/manage/global_search_result.php
  • templates/manage/manage_portal_setting.php
  • templates/manage/email_template_details.php
  • templates/manage/email_template_new.php
  • templates/manage/home_right.php
  • templates/manage/footer.php
  • New manage templates added
    • templates/manage/drive.php
    • templates/manage/attach_drive.php
    • templates/manage/upload_driveticket.php
    • templates/manage/upload_drive.php
    • templates/manage/dropbox_list.php
    • templates/manage/dropbox_list_insert.php
    • templates/manage/gdrive_file_list.php
    • templates/manage/my_drive_details.php
    • templates/manage/transaction_report.php
    • templates/manage/no_record_yet.php
    • templates/manage/dropbox_detail.php
    • templates/manage/my_googledrive_details.php
    • templates/manage/gdrive_file_list_paging.php
    • templates/manage/mydrive_list.php
    • templates/manage/mydrive_list_insert.php
    • templates/manage/mydrive_list_load.php
    • templates/manage/assets_depreciation_notification.php
    • templates/manage/assets_linkedto_problems_report.php
    • templates/manage/upload_drive.php
    • templates/manage/dropbox.php
    • templates/manage/get_file_list_insert.php
    • templates/manage/crispapp.php
    • templates/manage/article_list.php
    • templates/manage/article_search.php
    • templates/manage/articles.php
    • templates/manage/labels_graphical_report.php
    • templates/manage/changes_ci_relation_report.php
    • templates/manage/problem_ci_relation_report.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_ci_relation_report.php
    • templates/manage/portal_setting_form.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_avtivity_by_department_report.php
    • templates/manage/unoverdue_ticket_report.php
    • templates/manage/tickets_overdue_report.php
    • templates/manage/staff_leaderboard_first_report.php
    • templates/manage/staff_leaderborad_avgresponse_maintain.php
    • templates/manage/staff_leaderborad_avgresponse_report.php
    • templates/manage/box.php
    • templates/manage/box_detail.php
    • templates/manage/box_list.php
    • templates/manage/invoiceby_organization_report.php
    • templates/manage/clients_by_organization.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_forwarded_by_staff_report.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_replied_by_staff_report.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_viewed_by_staff_report.php
    • templates/manage/assets_groupby_status_report.php
    • templates/manage/assets_groupby_location_report.php
    • templates/manage/crisp_chatdetail.php
    • templates/manage/crisp_chatdetailtable.php
    • templates/manage/crispchat_details.php
    • templates/manage/task_by_status_report.php
    • templates/manage/asset_by_asset_product_report.php
    • templates/manage/asset_by_asset_type_report.php
    • templates/manage/hardware_asset_by_state.php
    • templates/manage/assets_by_depriciation_type.php
    • templates/manage/add_intercom.php
    • templates/manage/view_intercom.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_approval_list.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_remarks.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_sendapprovals_request.php
    • templates/manage/new_vtiger.php
    • templates/manage/update_vtiger.php
    • templates/manage/view_vtiger.php
    • templates/manage/vtiger_integration_list.php
    • templates/manage/available_agent_settings.php
    • templates/manage/roundrobin.php
    • templates/manage/roundrobin_details.php
    • templates/manage/roundrobin_list.php
    • templates/manage/roundrobin_new.php
    • templates/manage/aircall_call_data_list.php
    • templates/manage/aircall_call_details.php
    • templates/manage/aircall_call_list.php
    • templates/manage/aircall_setting.php
    • templates/manage/aircall_setting_details.php
    • templates/manage/drive_module_setting.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_comment_edit.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_attachments_details.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_attachments_list.php
    • templates/manage/ticket_attachments_load_list.php
  • templates/client/default/submit_form.php
  • templates/client/default/article_list.php
  • templates/client/default/selfhelp_article.php
  • templates/client/default/widget.php
  • templates/client/default/forum_topic.php
  • templates/client/default/header.php
  • templates/client/default/profile.php
  • templates/client/default/subaccount.php
  • templates/client/default/summary.php
  • templates/client/default/ticket_post.php
  • templates/client/default/topic_comment_list.php
  • templates/client/default/topic_likes.php
  • templates/client/default/footer.php
  • templates/client/default/selfhelp_category.php

Script –

  • common.js
  • vh-widget.js
  • svg-injector/
  • redactor/source.js

Design –

  • design/v4.css

Plugins –

  • plugins/vh_help/serveral help files
  • plugins/tcpdf/tcpdf.php
  • plugins/sms/class_sms.php
  • plugins/aircall/class_aircall.php

Upgrade –

  • upgrade/upgrade_4_5_0_to_4_5_2.php
Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V4.5.2 Stable Version Released
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