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What Are You Looking For In Your ITIL ITSM Service Desk Vendor?

ITIL ITSM Service Desk Vendor

When we talk about ITIL and ITSM, we can focus the conversation on a variety of things, including the different technologies, the multiple processes, and the different strategies that are used to create an IT organization.

However, these things are only part of what makes an IT organization. In order for an ITIL/ITSM to really make an impact on a business, the makers and shakers in the IT department, along with the vendors, are responsible for creating a stable and healthy relationship that will benefit all sides. The relationship should also be used to improve success as soon as the services are implemented.

All of these things make perfect sense to you, right? Unfortunately, there are many relationships between organizations and vendors that are not as strong as they should be. Some of these relationships fail immediately/ There are various things that can lead to strained relationships that can eventually lead to wasted money, wasted energy, and wasted time. Some of those things that can lead to poor relationships between an organization and IT vendors include the following:

  • improper planning
  • improper implementation
  • failure to properly align the expectations

Although some relationships may have failed, this does not mean your future relationship will be a part of the bad relationships. There are several things you are able to do to make sure you have a healthy and stable relationship with your ITIL/ITSM provider. Here are some of the things that you should look out for if you want to establish a healthy relationship with an ITIL/ITSM provider.

ITIL ITSM Service Desk Vendor Qualities:

Will You Be Able To Trust Them?

Trust is a major part of any relationship, right? One of the revealing signs of a strong and great relationship between ITIL/ITSM providers and their customers is the level of trust that has been built. While it is truly a great thing to provide a great product or a great service, it is equally or more important to also maintain those services and products over time.

We know that the service desk is necessary in your industry, but it is probably not your business’s main source of revenue. For the different IT organizations, they have their own obligation to find the perfect solution that will provide you with everything you need to ensure that ticket volume stays at a low number. There is also an obligation to ensure that overhead costs do not increase.

Once businesses find a solution that will allow them to accomplish a variety of their goals, it will be easier to switch gears if a small or big problem arises. Part of making a major investment in an ITIL/ITSM provider is finding a provider you can trust.

Will They Be Responsive To Your Needs?

When you make an investment into any type of software or product, you are going to need to have a provider on your side who will be able to respond to your questions and comments when you reach out to them. It does not matter if you need a solution to a small problem or a major problem, you are going to need a provider that will stay on top of what is going on with their customers. Being a responsive provider will show customers that there is a commitment to providing the best customer service possible.

Are They Properly Communicating?

Communication is also a major part of any strong and healthy relationship. It does not matter if we are talking about business relationships, life relationships, marriage, etc., communication is key to any strong relationship. Without the proper communication tactics, a variety of things can go wrong, including the following:

  • downtime may increase because problems are not being solved in time
  • deadlines can be missed due to lack of communication
  • important assignments and actions can be neglected
  • the level of trust will become nonexistent

An ITIL/ITSM provider should consistently interact and engage with their customers. There should be consistent conversations and feedback, even if it is to just chat for a few minutes about how things are going in the workplace. When a provider can keep their clients engaged, the client will begin to feel as if they are really valued.

Any service desk provider that tells clients and customers they provide outstanding customer service and that they care about their clients should truly practice what they preach. Customers should really be valued and care about when they enter a relationship with a vendor. The ITIL/ITSM service desk software that is provided should help a business succeed and not fail.

When there is a clear and strong relationship between everyone involved in the process, all parties will be able to feel comfortable because everything will be laid out on the table. No one on either side will feel betrayed, confused, cheated, or taken advantage of.

When you sit down to think about ITIL/ITSM, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind? Do you think about the difficulties? Do you think about how intensive it is? Do you think about the complications? ITIL/ITSM does not have to be any of those things that you may be thinking.

When you implement the right technology and other solutions, ITIL/ITSM will no longer be a complex and confusing headache you think it is. ITIL/ITSM can become one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in your organization, especially when you have the right service desk software and other tools.

Find a vendor that exhibits passion and a positive attitude will ensure that it will continue to be a mainstay in the industry. It is also important for a vendor to provide outstanding services right away while continuing to be proactive. There should also be clear expectations set from the very beginning, as soon as conversations about the implantation of the software take place.

IT service management can become one of the best tools in your organization, especially when you have the right vendor and solutions. What signs and qualities will you be looking for in your next ITIL/ITSM service desk software vendor?

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Megha JadhavWhat Are You Looking For In Your ITIL ITSM Service Desk Vendor?
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